January Was Intense!

by Sophie on February 2, 2013

January was intense and eventful to say the least, both professionally and privately. So much so that I did not make the time to blog once.

I am observing many going through sudden loss. Because of the trauma, some see a whole new level of knowing and understanding below the surface. It seems to me that a new wave of people is going through what many healers went through about 13 or 14 years ago. It is scary and maybe shocking at the time. But the more you learn to let go and create support around you, the easier it gets. It’s all part of the quickening of the awakening process.

Trust your heart, trust your gut, trust your intuition.

Stay with your new awareness.

Remember that every one of your thoughts creates your habits and therefore your future reality. So whatever you are experiencing right now, you can absolutely improve both your reality and your perception of it RIGHT NOW.

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