It’s Not Just You!

by Sophie on November 9, 2009

In the past 3 weeks the universal energies that facilitate our awakening and ascension have been very intense again. Someone mentioned ‘crazy energy fluctuations’

It has created physical and emotional detox leading to more clarity. Of course where there is clarity more Light can come in, which is the whole purpose: to be lighter and more enlightened.

This is what I have been hearing from clients, friends and family:

– Arguments, negotiating new boundaries, experimenting with different roles, healing co-dependency with some people taking more responsibility and others letting go of their burden have been common.

– Needing to rest

– Needing to sleep so we can dream, receive new information and re-arrange our thoughts

– Lots of new insights about the hidden truth in our lives

All this leads to increased self-respect, increased respect in our dealings with others, better communication, more time and space to love, play and have fun instead of going round the same old defeating patterns.

We are being made ready for 11.11 in a couple of days. More about that in my next post.

Have YOU been feeling the unsettling detox of the past three weeks?

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