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by Sophie on October 18, 2010

The wonderful painter Kimberly Merrill posted this as  a comment on one of my recent blog posts on intuition and I want to give her a whole post because her experience was wonderful, inspiring and typical of what happens when the Divine decides to work through you. Enjoy!

Hi Sophie,

I’d like to share with you a life-altering event of both energy and intuition.

I had been taking a few art classes and at the time was in a Printmaking class. I had been drawn to creating images of groups of 3 African women in bright colored dresses. One image had one woman washing another’ s feet, while the third woman held a cloth. A second piece had the three woman in a circle holding hands, with a young girl in the center. Anyway, the pieces were somewhat large and one day I found myself putting the linoleum sheet on the floor and kneeling in front of it while I carved the image. Gradually, I realized that there was an energy going through me and that I was not creating this image by myself! It was a profound moment and a confirmation to me that art was my calling.

During this time, I was dealing with the end of my 20 yr. marriage and was seeing a psychologist. I had given her one of the prints from this series as a gift. One day, a psychic friend of hers was visiting her home and asked her to tell me that I have three spiritual guides with me all the time that are African women. I believe that my guides used my art to let me know that they are with me, guiding me, and that I am never alone…even when I felt desperately alone.

Shortly after this time, I decided to follow my intuition and go to art school, received both my BFA and MFA in drawing and painting and started a painting career. All of my time at the easel does not feel like that moment in time, but the understanding that this work is a sacred part of my life stays with me always.

Now go and have a look at Kim’s website: her work takes my breath away!

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1 Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker October 18, 2010 at 12:53 pm

What a beautiful story of guides, intuition, creativity and inspiration. I am glad that you both shared it here.


2 Sophie October 19, 2010 at 8:55 pm

Thank you for reading Patricia! Your presence and your support are, always, a sweetness to my heart!
Much Love and Light to you!


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