Increase Protection As You Grow Spiritually

by Sophie on December 24, 2012

As we do more energy work and we are on a path to healing, we shed old baggage and our vibration becomes more refined. We are awakening. We have access to more Light, more Love, more joy. This is what we wanted and it’s all good, right?

So why does it sometimes feel like darkness has also become stronger in our life? Is more darkness being drawn to us, as I have sometimes heard, because we are becoming a brighter light? Are we being targeted because some evil energy wants us to stop growing? I don’t think so.

What happens is that as more light is available in our life, darkness is highlighted. Meaning there is not more of it, we just see it better and in previously hidden parts of life because there is more light available to see with. Nasty things like forgotten abuse, obsolete past life promises, unrealistic soul contracts, draining relationships (particularly during the Holidays!) and curses suddenly show themselves. The good news is that we now have less baggage and access to more Light so we can be much more efficient in transmuting said darkness into Light and Love. Keep an intention to stay in the Light and to work from there..

And let’s remember that when we have a spiritual growth spurt, we are becoming aware of other people’s darkness as well as our own. Other people’s baggage can be shocking and unsettling. It can make us feel vulnerable until we heal the place in us that vibrates to their stuff. That’s why I think it is important to strengthen our psychic protection when we grow spiritually. To create a  safe space in which we can foster the next growth spurt.

And if you want support in dealing with what you are discovering in the darker corners of your life or with establishing protection, you can contact me and  book a session in which we can work on it together!


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