I shut my eyes in order to see. ~ Paul Gauguin

by Sophie on March 6, 2011

As a healer I see energy better with my eyes closed. It’s probably because I feel energy first. Then an image forms in my mind of what color the energy is, what shape it is, where in the body, in the world or in the universe it is held or how it’s flowing.

When I close my eyes I see energy patterns that I don’t perceive as clearly when my eyes are open and I am looking at the more tangible world.

I prefer to do energy work on the phone because I can get to the core of an issue faster if I am not distracted by my client’s physical presence. Of course I understand some people prefer human contact and I do give my local clients  face to face appointments. 🙂 So, like Gauguin, I end up “shutting my eyes to see” when I work with someone in my office.

Also with my eyes closed I perceive vibrations more easily so it’s easier to detect the presence of angels, guides and guardians and to decipher their messages. And I find that after 22 years of daily meditation, the habit of closing or half-closing my eyes serves s an anchor and brings me instant peace. It quietens my mind chatter and helps me suspend judgement.

Thank you @Sguide for the inspiration!

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1 Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker March 6, 2011 at 11:24 am

Sophie, you have given me a new experience to try. Thank you. I don’t close my eyes but when I am doing Reiki, I will let my eyes go slightly out of focus so that I can concentrate more on the feel of the energy flowing from my hands to the person’s body. I am a feeler so I will have to try the closing my eyes to “feel” more. The thought of doing it that way “feels” good to me. As I was just reading this to catch any spelling errors, I got a picture of myself doing Reiki and I also saw me turning an ear toward the body that I am working on as if to hear better what is going on. The thing is, the hearing isn’t on a physical awareness level. Do we have inner ears that hear on the physic level? Interesting thoughts going through my mind. I guess if we have inner sight, we can have inner hearing too.

I get my intuitive stuff either in my “gut” / solar plexus as a feeling and/or as quick flashes of pictures or words running through my mind without any effort from me. Thank you for what you are teaching me with your posts. Your gentleness and graciousness teaches me to be gentle with myself and with others.


2 Sophie March 6, 2011 at 5:15 pm

Thank you for your kind words Patricia!

Yes, I do think we have inner ears like we have inner eyes. I know I do. That’s how I communicate with angels and guides. That is also how I ‘talk to the body’. (all things that I teach in detail in the 10 month Mentoring for Healers course that starts every year in September)
With practice you can really pick up some good information.

“I get my intuitive stuff either in my “gut” / solar plexus as a feeling and/or as quick flashes of pictures or words running through my mind without any effort from me.” Wow: that sounds really good! The more natural and the more effortless the more we can trust it I think.

With Reiki I find it much easier to feel the waves of energy as they come and then leave and to follow the energy pathways in the body so I know where to put my hands next when my eyes are closed or half closed.

Closing my eyes when I do energy work is also a sign that I trust where I am and who I am with. It helped me correct the hyper vigilance I had left over from PTSD if that makes sense?


3 Sworddancewarrior March 6, 2011 at 1:32 pm

That’s interesting. I do better when I shut my eyes too. With my eyes open that information tends to distract from the other sensations. My sense of people’s energy is more kinesthetic than visual, although I do get images from time to time if I’m really in deep.


4 Sophie March 6, 2011 at 5:16 pm

We all have a primary way to feel/see/sense/hear energy that allows us an easy entry point. Then as we relax and go deeper, we can develop others as you do when you go deep and see images.


5 Sophie March 6, 2011 at 5:17 pm

And welcome to my blog Sword Dance Warrior. I know I loved yours!


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