I Feel Like I Just Gave birth

by Sophie on May 19, 2014

For two days, my house felt like a very pregnant swollen womb, full of love, life, energy, salty water and hope. Ten women, students and alumni of my six year running Awaken the Healer Within class, gathered here to go over some of our course material, to practice their energy tools, and to give and receive energy healing. They drove and flew in from all four directions of the country to meet in our beautiful village.

From the minute I greeted them on Saturday morning, my house was vibrant with hugs and laughter as the women reconnected from last year’s week end intensive, recognized each other from the Awaken the Healer FB page and connected a live presence to the voices they hear on the class phone calls.  We were graced with the sweet soothing presence of a beautiful breastfed baby and of a supportive, sensitive crone. Several countries were represented, as well as a variety of backgrounds and beliefs, and we were truly held in the circle of life, able to get to the root cause and the healing of many blocks with the support of our sisters.

We worked through chakras and past lives, severed ties and discussed the financial aspect of running a healing practice. We found our vulnerable spots, loved them tenderly and as one of my students says, turned them into super powers. We released pain, built trust, revealed our stories and started re-writing them. There were tears of course, because where there is Divine Feminine creation, there is salty water! I am in awe of the brilliant skills, knowledge and wisdom that each woman brought to the group and shared to build each other up. Friendships were created, clothes ordered, books sold, crystals purchased and gifted, tasty healthy food offered and received, recipes exchanged, accommodation shared.

My favorite part of holding a workshop like this one is the moment when my students tell me in awe: “I can do this, I can read energy. My intuition was right, I can trust it!”

My students are smart, funny, brave, honest, vulnerable, resilient and skilled healers. They treat each other with tenderness and respect. Together, they create the most life-creating group of people I know. Today as I sit here with all the flowers they gifted me and all the delicious food left from the potluck meals, my house still humming with their tears, jokes and laughter, I can feel our circle expanding back in the world, shiny women integrating their new learning into their everyday lives, touching the lives of loved ones, friends  and colleagues with an increased sense of their Divine Feminine power and of their tremendous worth. I feel like I just gave birth and I can feel the swelling of their pregnant energy as they ready themselves to grow their own projects, classes and practices. So it is.

Together we learn and together we heal.



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1 Donna Sherman May 27, 2014 at 7:49 pm

Thank you Sophie. It was truly a wonderful weekend!


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