I Am Eternal

by Sophie on March 24, 2011

Once you can feel in every fiber of your being that you are eternal, everything changes. It’s a completely different take on life.

Emotionally, what matters to you is different from before. From an eternal perspective, objects that lose their value fast lose their appeal. The quality of what you feel in the moment feels more important and can suddenly fill up a lot of space. Because at the end of the day the infinitely small is the same as the infinite and a second of sweetness in the moment becomes all there is for ever. So the sweetness of each moment becomes paramount. Do you know what that means in practical terms? It means that each second spent in anger or resentment instead of love now feels like a painful waste that you want to move away from to get back into love.

Life become sweeter and more gentle. Because all of a sudden you have time. What does not happen now can happen in the future. Or in eternity. As long as you desire something, you know it will happen at some time. You don’t need to rush around so much any more.

Knowing that you are eternal is a very physical sensation. I did not expect that. When I ‘wanted to be enlightened’, i thought it was all going to be very spiritual, very disembodied. But that’s not how it is at all. Feeling eternal is a very real physical sensation of expansion and peace. How you feel about your body is very different when you know that your soul is eternal. It’s a new balance. There is no more desire to punish, exhaust or over ride. There is only Being With. Being with the body for now. In the moment. In the eternal moment that will not last but it doesn’t matter anymore that the moment and the body won’t last because you KNOW that the real you is eternal.

Knowing that you are eternal is bringing what we think of as spirituality into our body. It’s bringing God inside every atom of our body. Can you feel the peace of that moment?

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1 Marva March 25, 2011 at 10:29 am

Sophie, you have managed to capture the ineffable in words. Beautifully expressed. Thank you for articulating this.


2 Sophie March 28, 2011 at 12:24 am

Thank you very much Marva!


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