I Am Enough

by Sophie on October 12, 2011

The Harvest Moon in September was the real New Year, energetically. This year’s growing season was over and we had harvested. I am told the New Year used to be in October in the Northern hemisphere.

So now we are in an in-between state where I feel like clearing and cleaning a lot and reflecting on last year before I decide what I want for next year.

The clearing has been:

1- physical, in my house and office, (SO MUCH stuff has left the premises!) as well as emotional.

2- emotional: many relationships have shown their core truth and I have been surprised at how emotional my reactions have been. I have been training myself to be compassionate, understanding and to have as loving a response as possible for nearly 30 years now. You’d think I got this figured out? I can usually be the ‘nice healer’ who sees the other person’s point of view and responds with compassion. As well as learn the lesson that is for me in the interaction. But the past 3 weeks I have felt hurt and betrayed like a teenager. Or was that a 5 year old?

I should not be so surprised as emotions are the gateway to spirituality and a great indicator of how close or far we are from our truth.

I found that grounding myself repeatedly and making sure I had good psychic protection really helped.

3- energetic: paying attention and digging deeper,  I have of course found patterns that I never suspected were there and removed them. With that energy clearing, a new sense of quiet confidence has emerged. I keep receiving very clear messages that I am enough, that I am loved as I am and all I need to do is allow myself to receive that love. I know you’ve heard that message a million times but feeling it in my body and in my energy has been very peaceful and I am very glad that I worked through the last few weeks’ turmoil back to center and inner peace. And I am remembering that love is always a choice.

Enough about me.  How are YOU doing?

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