Huge Energy Wave Tonight

by Sophie on July 12, 2009

Something is up people: we are in the process of receiving a huge wave of energy as I am writing this.

1- Huge Sadness
For me it started 2 days ago with humongous waves of sadness. I cried uncontrollably. It was like drowning in pain and sadness, an ocean of tears. I have reason to be heartbroken at the moment but NOT to that extent.
I know others, male and female, young and old who have been going through dramatic releases and changes in the last few days.

An hour ago another healer tweeted me: “ Hi Sophie! Are you feeling any strange energy 2night? Feeling big upheaval energy. Started about 2 hrs ago…” She also said that at first “it felt like I could sob a river of tears that don’t belong to me.” Others have confirmed: “I felt it too about 3 hours ago…very intense…I started crying very deeply “.

Many thought they were ‘being hormonal’ because of the crying and changing moods.

Those who could not feel their emotions because they don’t have the support or don’t feel safe doing so went to sleep for hours, napped at odd times. Someone slept so deeply her family could not wake her up for meals.

2- Pressure in the Head
All day there was pressure in the head, then on the spine. Others confirmed this also. Not like a headache. More like being in a pressurized airplane cabin.

3- A Wave of energy
About 3 hours ago now (9.30PM EST on Saturday July 11) the pressure suddenly increased tremendously.
Again my healer friend described it perfectly: “About two hours ago I felt a huge wallop of energy. Very unsettling. The energy I felt was a wave of overwhelm from somewhere. Wasn’t mine. It passed through me. Asked the angels to tend to it.” I quickly checked with another 2 healers. One wrote: “ I felt it too about 3 hours ago…very intense…”
As well as the head and spine it was now in the heart. Made me feel quite nauseous there for a while to tell you the truth! Kinda like the contractions of giving birth as I remember it.

4- Joy
By then I was feeling: “I can barely keep grounded! But I am flying creatively w/it. It’s NICE!”
A wise friendĀ  texted me: “It’s a wave of joy.” And I think he is right. As each wave releases it does feel like joy is increasing. I have been writing furiously for hours now (even before I started this post). I am in a state of heightened awareness and creativity at the same time. And as all good homeopaths will tell you, the proof that you are joyful is that you become more creative.

5- Surrender
To feel the joy, we need to relax into the energy. Let go of all fear so you can feel the joy right away. Surrender! What else have I been telling you for the past week? You see: we were being made ready for this!
Againmy wise friend sensed what was happening and texted me: “Folks are finally connecting to and allowing themselves to be in their own joy, which connects them to the quantum joy-grid”

Surrender to this wave of energy and feel the sweetness of it!

6- Grounding
The more we ground this energy the more I feel:

  • comfortable (particularly breathing)
  • joyful
  • connected to others
  • the energy is spreading into my legs and feet
  • like the energy comes into me through my heart rather than my head

I have been feeling incoming waves of energy regularly for years. At first we all used to panic and wonder what was going on. The guidance was always (and still is, even tonight) the same: everything is ok, this is only an upgrade, go with the flow and enjoy the ride!

What is extraordinary tonight is that we ALL 6 of us that I quickly checked with felt the exact same energy start at the exact same moment. And it was CLEAR and POWERFUL enough that we could notice and pinpoint the exact time that it happened at!

This upgrade is for everyone. The healers felt first. It is going to ripple out to everyone. This is the planetary awakening. It’s happening, right now!

  • Feel the Joy
  • Think positive
  • Keep grounded
  • Keep the energy waves flowing through and around you!

It is still happening as I am wrapping up this post. Let’s see how long it goes on for and what happens next!

So people: did YOU feel it? What do YOU think is going on? If YOU receive some guidance or insight PLEASE share and leave a comment: together we create!

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