How much I Have Loved

by Sophie on March 21, 2011

How much I have love across the galaxies.

How much I have loved across the Universe.

How much I have loved through time and in so many different facets.

How much I have lost as creation re-invents itself, remodels itself beyond recognition.

How painful the changes when love is not met by love, when the change, instead of the slow unfolding of a blossoming, comes from the pain of indifference and lets the bud die in the cold darkness of nonlife.

How painful the attempt at loving creation when it’s met by a tangled knot of destructive memories, by the fear that crushes the heart.

How much I have loved to create life and how painful that loves turns out to be when it is time to disentangle myself from the aborted attempt, from the suicide of life, from the death of indifference.

What is it that you could lovingly support in your life today that is slowly dying of indifference?

PS: Just read: “A miracle is a choice to see love where before we’d seen fear. It’s a shift in perception. A miracle is a return to love.” ~ Marianne Williamson
and it fits well here me thinks. Let’s return to miracles!

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1 DONNA SHERMAN March 22, 2011 at 1:08 pm

Like you said previously: People say love hurts, but it is the absence of love that hurts.
This is so true.


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