How I Became an Energy Healer

by Sophie on January 2, 2011

I am an internationally known Energy Healer and Master Teacher. My gift has been creating miracles in hundreds of clients and students’ lives since 1998. It only takes me a few minutes:

  1. to connect you to the Heart of God
  2. to remove negative beliefs, patterns and fears that hurt you
  3. to download into your energy system the energies of tenderness, self confidence,  joy and peace to raise your vibration closer to the Heart of God

So how did I become that amazingly gifted healer? I am often asked. Here is the short version of my story:

I was born an empath and as a child I could feel other people’s pain and joy as if they were my own. I thought everyone was like that! Raised Catholic in France, I looked for a God that I knew existed but I could not connect with anywhere in my life. In spite of a stressful and painful childhood in a severely dysfunctional family (like so many, I know!) I always thought of myself as “lucky”. I now know that I was following exceptional intuition.

In my teens I became clairvoyant and started seeing what was happening to loved ones when I was away from them. It was like a movie playing in my mind and when I checked the time and events with them, it was always accurate. I became used to it and started trusting the psychic information I was receiving in that way. I once had a very strong sense to go back to Paris at a certain date. I became obsessed with the idea. My husband relented and agreed to spend money we did not really have for a plane ticket when I was a full time student. I flew the next Friday and on landing was told that a very dear friend was in the hospital after a failed suicide attempt. She said later that my appearing out of nowhere was a great comfort to her.

In my early twenties I went to college and traveled around Europe, lived in Spain and settled in the UK.  I was suffering from migraine headaches, insomnia, depression and anxiety due to PTSD. I had gout, candida, IBS, allergies and chronic exhaustion due to years of trauma and stress. There was also sinusitis, near chronic bronchitis, endometriosis and pre-cancerous cells due to years of repressed anger. I was in bed 2 weeks out of every month. Doctors in the UK predicted I would probably never have children. It felt like my body was shutting down. Most of them auto-immune disease, fatigue and inflammation if you notice: typical healers’ diseases! (You think I should be dead by now? It sure felt like it!)

1989 was a life changing year: the depression I had been battling since I was 7  led me to study yoga then Tibetan Buddhism. My heart settled, I learned compassion and took up the practice of sitting in meditation for many blissful hours (I still do to this day). Maybe as a result of this, I started intuitively ‘knowing’ things about people that nobody had told me. There was a depth to their words and body language that told me the background story nobody knew.

That is also when I began spontaneous channeling in every day conversation. Friends would come back to me months or years later and say: “Do you remember this conversation we had? The advice you gave me that day completely changed my life”. Or: “Do you remember the letter you wrote me? It came at exactly the right time and it was exactly what I needed to know.” I know when I channel because:

  • I suddenly have access to knowledge I did not have until then
  • it’s exactly what the other person needs to hear
  • I often use words and grammar that are different from my usual speech
  • I forget the communication as soon as it’s over (even though I have exceptional memory for social interaction)

In 1989 I also became clairaudient: I was hearing loving guiding voices. I soon realized that I was communicating with angels. I am a very logical person so I checked the information they imparted against facts and it always turned out to be accurate (still does). I relaxed into it and learned to trust the guidance I receive.

In my thirties I was attuned and became a Reiki Master in 6 months. I taught Reiki, mostly to mothers and their families. I studied homeopathy, Flower Remedies and Crystal Healing.  I started remembering some of my past lives and seeing my clients’ past lives. Again, they looked like movies.

I was spontaneously attuned to Christ energy as a result of a deep prayer, which

  • put me at peace with my Catholic upbringing
  • allowed me to recover from the abuse and trauma of my childhood
  • eliminated both gout and sinus infection
  • gave me a strong sense of what a tender and loving Masculine energy felt like.

I was also a La Leche League Leader and a homeschooling Mom, balancing a deep spiritual calling with the joys and demands of family life. Everything I teach now, I learned through my own every day life!

In my forties everything accelerated. After the birth of my third child, I became extremely ill again and had to spend most of a year in bed with chronic fatigue, extreme allergies, asthma and IBS. The following year I lost most of what I owned. At the end of those two years, I had learned to:

  • forgive,
  • be grateful,
  • surrender to Divine will (at last!)
  • listen to guidance and intuition very carefully

My moving to the USA caused some panic attacks which were completely eliminated with only two Health Kinesiology sessions. Impressed, I became a Health Kinesiologist the following year and added the modality to my energy healing tool kit. After a particularly intense self-healing session one evening I stopped having the chronic migraine headaches and started hearing my clients’ Guides and being able to help spirits move to the Light.

Around the Solstice of December 2005 I received a spontaneous attunement to the Pink and Blue Strands which I now understand to be the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Their presence was decreasing fear and balancing my energy system. Life opened up from that moment. Everything was easier, clearer, even more intuitive than before. I slept better. My body was healing fast. I could see energy patterns inside someone’s energy system very clearly, just as I see objects around us.

In the fall of 2006 I learned to whirl and go into the Heart of God and around Christmas of 2006 I was granted Oneness with the Divine, also known as enlightenment. All my severe food allergies were healed in about 10 minutes. And the healing powers flowing through me took a quantum leap! It was only taking minutes to create a healing miracle.

In the fall of 2007  my guides told me in no uncertain terms to start teaching everything I knew, which I did and still do. I have learned not to argue with the Divine!

In 2008 I was initiated into ancient Khemetic knowledge and remembered it very easily, in one week, as if it was an old friend.

Nowadays life is much more peaceful. I guess I have learned not to resist Divine Love and I live in the Heart of God. I surrender to the flow of life so there is much less turmoil. I am happy to listen to the whispers of the Divine that come to me in the shape of intuition and a constant dialogue with God, angels and guides from various spiritual traditions.

“Sophie, your gift is your ability to go within”~ Susan, Feng Shui Interior Designer,  NYC

I have myself recovered from trauma, depression, grief and auto immune disease. I am an energy healing expert and I specialize in assisting you find your way to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle through individual healing sessions and Mentoring Programs for healers.

“Since we did a phone session I have been experiencing an infusion of energy that brings a stable and Samadhi like quietness inside.”~ Harmon Hathaway, President, American Yoga Foundation

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