How Do You Reach Enlightenment?

by Sophie on October 23, 2009

How do you reach Enlightenment?

At the moment it is being made easier by the fact that the whole of creation is raising its vibration like never before. Many more are becoming ‘enlightened’ more easily. Having said that, some paths will bring you there faster than others:

1- spontaneous enlightenment experience, often while in nature

2- near death experience

3- a combination of:

  • having lost ‘everything’
  • losing everyone in our lives or believing that we have
  • extensive periods of celibacy. As practiced by most organized religions. But it seems to ‘happens’ to very spiritual individuals, at some point in their life, even outside of organized religions.
  • giving up whatever makes you complacent (addictions, even to everyday food or spending; co-dependent relationships; soul destroying jobs; abusive families…)

It’s because all the above are crutches and when they are removed from our lives we learn to rely on our inner selves and on the Divine.

All we have discussed so far is what brings us to the portal. To the Heart of the Divine.

How do we stay there after we enter?

That’s when the real SURRENDER happens. Again and again.


Lose yourself in Love. Seriously: what do you have to lose? “Remember Creator so much that you are forgotten.” said Rumi

Surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender. Surrender the ‘how’.

Let the waves from the Divine Ocean take down the walls that surround your heart.

Practice daily. Every second of every day. Want it. Think about it, make it your focus, have a strong intention! The universe will oblige and deliver.

Can YOU feel the waves of surrender?

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