Hiding Behind Our Mind

by Sophie on August 15, 2012

Awaken the Healer Within, Generation 4,  is coming to an end this month and I am thinking about next year’s class. I am adding material, deepening some topics.
Some of my students have asked for more hand outs, reading, notes etc. Written material.
So I looked in my heart, connected with the Divine, aligned with my soul purpose and I came back with the same answer I have for 14 years of teaching energy work: I offer experiential classes in which my students go with the flow, let go, trust and transform. I do provide some notes for the wording of removals and downloads, some checklists for muscle testing and a very small reading list.
But overall I think all that reading and thinking could easily become another thing to hide behind. Mind tricks as opposed to experiential, feeling, intuitive becoming. What I offer is experiential awakening.
Ready to join us for Awaken the Healer Within, Generation 5?  The experience starts September 18.

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