Healing is Like Computers

by Sophie on July 28, 2010

I remember being asked to buy a laptop to remain effective in my MBA program, over 20 years ago. Then work started sending me on monthly “How to use your computer” classes. Meetings and presentations became computerized.

Computers were specialist stuff, something I used out there at work, supported by IT magicians who made no sense to me. About 12 years ago I saved to buy our first family computer and was amazed that my 18 month old daughter intuitively knew how to use the CDROMs I bought for her and her older sister. I considered that first PC to be a luxury item, I delayed its purchase, it was difficult finding an IT magician I could trust to guide me with the decision.

Now my phone is a computer, my car is a computer and the repair man told me yesterday that my washing machine is a computer. At home my family uses 8 laptops and desktops daily. Fixing, upgrading and buying them has become a necessity and something we don’t question any more. Some of my full time Mom girlfriends are IT magicians. Computers are part of my everyday home life.

I believe the same thing is happening with energy healing and energy work.

I remember when you had to explain to everyone you met what Reiki was and when it was difficult to find someone who knew enough about energy work and could guide you through the decision to purchase a course or a good session. Now I meet good healers, Reiki Masters and light workers everywhere I go.

Most people still think of healing as a luxury, something they save for, delay the purchase of, treat themselves to occasionally. But at the same time concepts such as grounding, finding our center, letting go of pain and working with angels have become common place and are part of everyday conversations and TV commercials.

Many have used healers’ and psychics’ services. Most have heard of Reiki and know it makes people better even though they still think that energy workers are magicians. Toddlers are taking to healing modalities like ducklings to water: to them it’s a completely natural way to be well. Slowly but surely energy healing and energy work is moving from ‘out there’ into our everyday home life.

I am quite sure that in about 10 years energy healing will be an every day occurrence, a necessity that we won’t question any more. Something that we will all know how to do at home and we will only call the specialists, the healers, when something big needs fixing or we need help learning something completely new. Just like my cell phone has become a computer, in a few years time everyone will know that their hands, minds and hearts are healing tools!

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