Healing for an Adult Survivor of Abuse

by Sophie on September 28, 2015

Issue: Adult client reports being yelled at and berated by father out of the blue as an adult as she was as a child, feeling betrayed, deeply hurt feelings. Yelling triggers od fear of childhood physical violence. The pain inside, in second chakra particularly, is searing, bitter and twisting. Huge sadness at being pushed away again. Becoming increasingly aware, over several days, of this twisting bitter pain that seems to surface at odd times and make relationships more difficult. Trauma from latest incident makes it difficult to communicate with her own children and to keep it together at work.

Following the thread:

What hurts most? The fact that her father “always sides with the other woman”, whoever she is: first wife, second wife, cousin, sister, as did her husbands.(No obvious history of marital infidelity.)

We go to Source and ask why,┬áin this lifetime, client attracts a pattern of emotionally indifferent father and husbands who under-provide financially and “always choose the other woman”. We are shown that the fact that the abuser puts his attention on the other woman means that she has to bear the brunt of the man’s lack of care, coldness and money deprivation and my client is then free and incentivised to move on and create a better life for herself. So really, father and husbands’ neglect was a way of protecting her from potential worse harm had she stayed attached to them.

We ask: What is the root cause of attracting these men in this lifetime?

We see client was discarded as a vessel for creation in her pre-human incarnations existence, when another female energy was chosen for it. Result of such creation was a mixed bag of joy and a lot of pain. Client shown that had her soul been chosen to be a vessel of that creation, there would have been just as much pain created and she would have felt crushingly responsible for it, so being discarded was a kindness to her. She choses to let go of her bitterness over being overlooked at that time.

End of session asessment:

Client reports that searing pain and twisted bitterness is being transmuted into peaceful detachment from recent painful events.Feeling of tenderness and protection around her. Feeling of physical safety within herself.

Client reports now becoming aware of a surfacing feeling of betrayal and “like there is no loyalty in the world”. But that is work for the next session!

(Name witheld for confidentiality purposes but provided)

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