Healing Allergies

by Sophie on September 5, 2010

Two days ago I caught myself in the process of creating an allergy and was able to avoid it. While eating an apple I was given some news which I politely took in my stride with little emotional reaction. Within a minute I was coughing, my lungs where swelling up and I was having a minor asthma attack. Nine years ago when I lived in a city I had really bad asthma for about 2 years so I was accepting that it may be returning due to spending some stressful time in larger, more polluted cities over the summer.

But one of my daughters took me aside and pointed out that the news we were given while I was eating the apple were potentially sad for me and that I was probably reacting to the news more than the apple I normally eat without any problem.

I quickly did an awareness check, accepted my true emotion instead of politely stuffing it down and choking myself on it when I really wanted to cry. Then I did a quick energy work process to release the pain I was feeling. Coughing and whizzing stopped within a minute or two and I am so glad I did not give myself a silly allergy to apples just as fall begins and the apples are going to be so tasty for a few months!

It is my experience as an energy healer that allergies are usually linked to a specific negative event or to a sad anniversary. It’s a way for the body to make a note of the fact that we did not process the emotions at the time and to keep bringing up the memory to give us another chance to deal with the original event that we repressed. Most of the time once the anniversary is uncovered and processed with energy work, the allergy (or intolerance) disappears.

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