Heal Yourself, Free Others!

by Sophie on March 28, 2015

When you heal yourself, you free others to be their best selves. As long as you are in pain, your body and your energy system want to heal, so they send out a vibration requesting help to heal. This vibration attracts people and creates situations that give you the opportunity to heal, often by triggering the old pain, so it can come up, be examined again, healed and released. Of course,

  • if you have forgotten the original pain
  • you believe it is impossible to heal that pain
  • you don’t have the support to heal that original pain/have not met a good therapeutic match

you end end up attracting trigger after trigger and it starts looking and feeling like a pattern of victimisation, defeat, stuckness, ‘my life is too painful’ etc.


  • you chose to find healing support that is right for you,
  • you give yourself permission to remember at least some of the original trauma, in a safe therapeutic setting,
  • you allow yourself to let go of the original pain as well as the stories around more recent triggering situations,

you can heal. You can let go of a whole issue, however large, or however much it has plagued you so far, in an instant, or in one or two energy work sessions 🙂

Sometimes after healing, you just stop reacting to what used to be a trigger from other people’s habbits and behaviours or from certain situations.

And sometimes extra magic happens: because YOU have healed and don’t need to be triggered, the people around you, who were using a specific aspect of their personality to trigger you or to mirror your pain back to you, CAN LET GO of being a mirror for you. They can chose to engage with you from another, more loving, respectful, positive aspect of themselves. After all, we are all multifaceted. If THEY want to engage with you in a painful way because of their own stories, their behavior will remain the same as before and you can choose to walk away from them if that’s best for you. But if they were offering painful/aggravating/triggering behaviour for YOUR benefit, they will stop doing so when YOU heal.

That is how, when you heal, you free others to be happier, more positive and fun people around you! Win-win.

Have YOU noticed this to be true on your healing journey? Please share those positive stories in the comments below if you feel called to. (go to my website to comment if you are reading this post in an email.) Together we heal!

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