Have I Loved In Vain?

by Sophie on December 29, 2012

Sometimes the human part of me wonders if I have loved in vain. If I wasted my time loving someone who did not make it, someone who did not understand, someone who did not love back, someone who left, someone who felt as if they were never really there, someone who did not see me.

But asking if I loved in vain is like asking if I got a good return on my investment of time, awareness and attention. Was it a good yield? Then I remember that in a world that is in constant expansion, a world that is created by love, in love and with love, I never love in vain.

Every second that I love is co-creation with divine source.

I may not know where the love went, how it worked or what it produced. But I know that it was not in vain. I know that on some level, somewhere, it produced a yield even if it’s not in my life and even if I can’t see it at the moment.

I remember that the only way forward is to keep on loving. To love more and to love better. To be a channel for divine love and to allow that divine love to spread as far as possible.

Every time I love, I add to the flow of creation and I trust that love goes where it needs to and does what it needs to.

I can’t control the effects of love or measure its yield.

I can only love, knowing that it’s never in vain.

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