Grateful for the Archangels’ Protection

by Sophie on December 13, 2012

About 6 months ago, I started being presented with deep, intense healing work that my normal healing tools were not always strong enough to shift. When I asked for help, 4 archangels appeared. I was told they were Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Always around me, one in each direction. I did not know why them and why in that formation around me but I recognised AA Michael’s energy so I trusted that it was all for my good and in my clients’ best interest.

Tonight Joan Borysenko posted this on FB:

“Every night I say the bedtime Shema, a Hebrew blessing that includes an invocation of the 4 archangels and both the masculine and feminine aspects of God. Michael (the likeness of God) is at your right side; Gabriel (the strength of God) at your left; Uriel (the Light of God) is before you; Raphael (the healer of God) is behind you. Above your head is the Shekhina- the feminine aspect of the Divine. Sleep in her arms, dear friends, where dreams are sweet and healing blessings flow.”

I did not about the bedtime Shema until now. I am grateful Joan’s post explained to me why those archangels appeared in that exact formation several months ago to help me. I am glad I trusted them to help me as apparently they have a long tradition of doing exactly that! I am very grateful to have that kind of protection offered to me when I need it. All is well.

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