Gateways in Multi-dimensional Time

by Sophie on October 7, 2009

If you think that time is linear and if you think that something will take a long time to happen, then it will.

If you think that time is multi-dimensional and that each second contains eternity then your consciousness can go into another world, into the past, into the future or into ANY plane of existence at any moment of the linear time. When you are in that other dimension, you change, heal or create whatever is necessary for the highest good of all.

When you live that way each moment contains eternity because each moment contains the heart of God and when you live in the heart of God everything is possible.

Of course in order to live on earth you rejoin linear time and start living in sync with others again. But who you are is changed and so what you attract is different. Miracles start happening in seconds. You can sit at your computer, wish with all your heart to talk to someone and somehow, against all odds, habits and reason, they suddenly appear on your Twitter stream, in your FaceBook or send an email. Technology makes this possible you think? Before I even used a computer when I wished in that way people would write to me that day, phone me or literally appear on my door step demanding that I let them into my home .

Miracles are real. They happen in the heart of God. They materialize in linear time every day as soon as that part of your being is aligned to the heart of God. This is what I call Quantum Healing. Call it what you want but DO it! Open gateways in multi-dimensional time.

Do you think that time is linear and solid or have you created multi-dimensional time in your life yet?

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