Frequently Asked Questions

“What is an attunement?”

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The 6 healing attunements in “Awaken the Healer Within” class:

  1. Grounding & Crystal Grid attunement : being grounded and in the body
  2. Intuition Attunement: Increase your intuition. Pituitary and pineal glands attunement.
  3. Violet Flame and psychic protection attunement : transmute negativity & harmonize relationships
  4. Think from the Heart attunement: Feel held and heard, heal heartache, learn to trust deeply
  5. Speak From The Heart attunement: Harmony with Truth, lovingly state your truth
  6. Pink & Blue strands attunement: Out of Fear,  emotional healing, self-confidence

The 6 healing attunements in “Empower the Healer in You” class:

  1. Divine Feminine/Auset attunement: for mothering
  2. Divine Masculine/Herukhti attunement: for protection and male strength
  3. Web of life/Sekhert attunement: for fruitful connections
  4. Universal Love/Maat attunement: for freedom from karma and for Oneness
  5. Flow of life/HetHeru attunement: for love and abundance
  6. Tree of Life/Sekhert attunement: for sound structure and better organization in every aspect of your life.


The healing attunements I offer advanced students:

  1. Into The Heart of God: Whirl into the Heart of God & dwell there. Angel communication.
  2. The light Within/Heru: The God within awakes. You are Creator.


You cannot book attunements separately. They are only available through my classes.

You can read more about attunements: Why Receive an attunementAttunements are Gradual,   Rise Above Depression

Do you have more questions? Read my blog or contact me and ask!

“Will I feel the energy of the attunement immediately?”

Most people do. Although for some it is more of a gradual process where the charge of energy unfolds and blossoms over a few days.

“Are energy healing attunements safe?”

Yes my attunements are very safe. I have spent 12 years refining my work and making sure that the energy transmission I offer you is easy for your energy system to assimilate and integrate.

“Why are attunements only available as part of your class?”

So that you can be safe and comfortable through the momentous change that such a charge of energy will inevitably bring into your life. It is important that you feel held and emotionally supported while you integrate the attunement. It is also important that you know you have easy access to me to answer any questions and discuss what is going for you in the weeks and months following the attunement.

“Do you offer Chakra Healing?”

Yes I do. Chakra work is the basis of my energy work. Together we can clear your chakras, strengthen them, balance them and align them.

I can also show you how to do that work yourself so you can stay balanced for the rest of your life and even do it for your family!

“Do you offer past life energy work?”

Yes I do. I am an expert at past life work and it is an integral part of my clearing sessions and my mentoring courses. I am endlessly surprised at how much lighter my clients are after I have freed them from some unfinished business from past lives. I have seen some people’s lives improve dramatically just from that piece of the work.

“How long do I have to work with you?”

You will see an improvement after the FIRST session.

Most people need between 10 and 25 sessions over the course of about 2 years to implement a lifestyle change. You can do this with individual sessions. And every year I offer a 10 month mentoring program that is much more cost effective for you and offers guaranteed support and sustainable growth for a whole year!

“Will my life improve after an attunement?”

Yes it will. It always does. Sometimes however you need to let go of some baggage or old beliefs that do not serve you well any more. That is why the integration sessions are so important.

“Who is your energy work for?”

My clients have been:

Accountant, administrators, book keeper, cook/Chef, chiropractor, Church minister, computer geeks, dad, dancer, medical doctors, electrician,  farmer, healer, health food store owner/operator, house wife, kid, librarian, marketing professionals, retired military personnel,  midwife, mom,  musician, Catholic nun, nurse, fine art painter, Physical Therapist, College Professor, elementary and high school teachers, social worker, college student, website designers and more. Male and female. From newborn to well into their 80s.

What do they have in common? A desire to stop their pain, to find peace and to blossom.

“Is your energy work for me?”

Go here and take the test :”Are You a Healer?” to answer that question.

“What happens in an Individual Healing session?”

I raise your vibration and flush out old blocks with a combination of: SLH (Sophie Lhoste Healing), Quantum Healing, Goddess Healing, TAT, Angel Communication, Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Reiki, Quantum Touch, Healing Crystals, Aromatherapy.

1- You experience spontaneous healing because the vibration I hold during the session is so high that it raises your vibration (like a mini attunement) and flushes out some of your blocks automatically.

2- I ground your energy and teach you how to do it. Learning this alone will transform your life.

3- I intuitively read your energy, your aura and your body and balance your chakras and your acupuncture meridians at the same time with my psychic abilities. After 11 years in practice and over 1,200 individual healing sessions, I am an expert at feeling energy waves and at sensing why and where you are stuck. This is very relaxing and energizing in itself.

4- When I find a block or an empty space in your energy I Muscle Test myself on your behalf to determine the root cause, the SOURCE of the issue, which is always a love disconnection.

5- Then the fun really starts:
– I go to the Quantum Field/Divine Matrix
– RELEASE the root cause of your blocks on all levels
– set a new positive intention to create joy and health
– download positive patterns of gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and love into your body at cellular level.

6- You are now closer to your Divine purpose, which is to be relaxed, creative and joyful from a place of alignment with your Divine inspiration.

It really is that simple. It’s as close to a miracle as you will find in every day life. And it is a process, that we start together and that carries you into infinity to create a new life that you truly en-JOY where you can uniquely be YOU!

“How can I start working with you?”

Book your complimentary introduction appointment: Book Appointment now

You can also email me  or call me on 413-884-2543. I will be happy to talk with you answer any other questions you may have.

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