Equinox Intention

by Sophie on September 22, 2010

September Equinox is here. In the Northern hemisphere it means that we have been harvesting the summer abundance and the growing season is over for this year. We are about to start a new year in terms of natural and therefore personal growth if we are in synch with our environment.

Now is a good time to rest and take stock. Dream, plan the next year over the next few months. Tidy up, plant the long term seeds and bulbs that need to lay dormant in winter to do well next year.

What did you want this time last year that you have accomplished or manifested since?

What do you desire to create for the next year? What part of you need to grow in order for you to achieve that? What support do you need to make it happen? (Yes, there are still a few spaces in my 10 month Mentoring for Healers Course that will support you to explore your inner landscape and cultivate for balance and union with the Divine!)

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