Energy Protection

by Sophie on September 7, 2009

I recently bit more than I could chew and just about choked. Energetically I mean. It does not happen often because:

  1. I am the cautious type
  2. I am trained and experienced in dealing with all kinds of energies, including various shapes of negative energies
  3. I have learned from past encounters to practice psychic protection diligently (for more info see my recent post about how to stay psychically protected)

But recently our world has been changing so fast that many of us have been confronted with situations, concepts, entities and energies that we had not come across before. Sometimes it just means more energy work than we are used to and the way to deal with that is to:

  • stay grounded
  • stay hydrated
  • rest
  • Did I mention rest?
  • ask for support from people who know what they are doing

While I want EVERYONE to learn about energy HEALING so you can apply it in your every day life and help your families and friends, I would discourage anyone who is not super experienced to welcome energies that they do not completely understand or do not trust at the moment.

As usual I cannot tell you exactly what is happening or why because that has not been revealed to me! All I can tell you is how I live through it and hope that you find it helpful.

This energy I am speaking of today came to a friend who felt that it was so huge and ‘out there’ that he wanted to bounce ideas off a couple of people. The reason I agreed to this is that I have my own ‘out there’ moments and really wanted to support him through it. Somehow we never connected and as we kept postponing phone calls I was getting more and more depressed, to the point that I could neither think nor act. Twice I disconnected from the energy he is carrying and twice I went back to feeling like my normal happy and active self within an hour.

We’ve talked about it, he’s cool with it. This energy he is carrying does not bother him. Not anymore than the energy I carry bothers me. Because each one of us has been preparing for this for lifetimes, maybe more. We are finely tuned and frequency specific for it. And we cannot share it at the moment. Ok, so be it. This planetary awakening is affecting us all in completely different ways. I have come to accept that. I’ll talk more about that another day.

In the meantime, as a good friend lovingly put it today: “Gotta keep your own butt covered while you are busy helping others!!”

So be diligent in YOUR own psychic protection (yes, we all know I am talking about myself here) and beware of anything that is too much ‘out there’. Never thought I would feel the need to say that! LOL

Please leave a comment and share if anything strange (-er than normal) has happened to YOU in the past weeks/months (since January I’m thinking)

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