Energy Never Lies

by Sophie on July 30, 2010

Energy never lies. Words can be used to lie. We all lie to ourselves in thought and don’t even know it. But once you learn to read energy, you realize that energy never lies.

It happens all the time that I know something energetically. I can feel it, see it, sense it or hear it. OrĀ  just ‘know’ it. I talk about it with the other person and they use their head to tell me that no, that’s not how it is. They reason with me. They give me excuses or they close down because they think it will stop me from seeing the truth. I let it go because I know that they don’t want me to see their truth right now. THEY probably don’t want to see their own truth right now!

And it happens every time: if the person or the topic were dear to my heart, a few months or years later, when the other person has relaxed, when the situation is different and they don’t feel the need to hide the truth from me or from themselves, they just say it. The truth comes out. They (or someone else who knows about the situation) confirm what I knew all along.

So why does it matter that I receive confirmation?

1- Because when I receive information that sounds crazy or that people deny at the time I am always open to the possibility that I could have read it wrongly, so it is important to know that the information was correct so that I can learn to trust my intuition, so I know when my readings and guidance are reliable.

2- Because I often read the REAL ENERGY underlying the actions. And there is often a gap between our true energy and intention and our actions, just as there is a gap between our actions and how we justify them or present them to the world. So in a world where lies, deceit and half truths are culturally normal and encouraged, where people do think that you are mentally ill if you tell the truth all the time, it matters to me to know what is true and what is not.

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