Emotions are the Gateway to the Spiritual

by Sophie on July 31, 2009

Sixteen years ago this week I nearly died while giving birth to my first child. She and I both survived thanks to the wonderful midwives and doctors who took over when her and I forgot how to dance the birth dance. Birth and death. And support.

We forget that every time a woman has sex she implicitly and unconsciously accepts that she might get pregnant. And therefore she implicitly and unconsciously accepts that she might die in childbirth: the unconscious, primal brain doesn’t know if we have access to a high tech hospital at the moment. So every time a woman lets go into sexual intercourse she needs to trust that the support will be there when she needs it later on, from her family, her community or as a minimum from her partner. When a woman knows that support is unlikely to be authentic or when she has had repeated experiences of not receiving support, her flow is interrupted and her emotions are disturbed. She appears ‘dramatic’, ‘irrational’, ‘out of control’, ‘hysterical’ and she scares those around her, her male partner(s?) in particular.

Men who are repeatedly exposed to women in that state of interrupted flow become suspicious (or scared) of emotions. “Emotions are overrated” a wounded man told me today.

But listen to the word: e-motion. In-motion. Comes from the Latin ‘movere’ : to move. Emotions keep things moving, keep life in motion. We need flow to go through life. We need flow to go through change, through transition, through every birth, through every death, through every rebirth. Emotions are necessary to human growth because they keep life flowing. And as such they are the key to the spiritual: they move us on to where we need to be. Emotions help us become.

We associate emotions with the heart. And where we are all heading is back to the Heart of God. It’s not call the Head of God. It is called the Heart of God because that is where our heart melts into the Divine to connect us back to Oneness. The more emotions flow the more easily we are moved. Moved to love, to Love and to the Heart of God, the Heart of the Mystery.

In truth I am always the Heart of God and the more I embody Its Feminine aspect, the more I love people. Not just the special people in my life, not just my clients: everybody.

Through the Heart of God we Love all.

As we are finding a new way of being human, it is important to remember that when we birth something new some old things will die for sure.

And e-motions are what will carry us through this evolution.

Emotions are the gateway to the spiritual.

Do YOU trust your emotions to show you the way?

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