Embracing Oneness to Heal

by Sophie on December 23, 2010

The Solstice was a powerful charge of energy and several of you who were on the call or who listened to the replay felt transported to another place I think!

However the energy of the Solstice was tough on a number of people. My work day normally starts at 10am but on Tuesday 21st, by 10 I was talking to my third client of the day already! That’s when I knew something was up with the general energy.

I think what was being challenged for many of us was:

  1. our self perception: who am I? how am I perceived by others? Am I a good person? What makes me, ME?
  2. our perception of safety: am I safe physically? emotionally? energetically? Why did abuse happen in the past?

And the answer seemed to be for many:

  • it does not work to separate myself from others to protect myself from them.
  • it does not work to create a ‘them and me’ situation because the people I attract/create in my every day life are there to reflect a part of me that I cannot see on my own. So when I reject them, I reject myself.

What works is to recognize that evil is a reaction to fear and pain and to see that in that vulnerable place:

  1. we are all the same
  2. we all need to be loved

What works is to create Oneness:

  • to embrace the part of me that created the painful situation and to FORGIVE MYSELF
  • to embrace the other and to forgive the other because when I embrace the people who are in my face and irritating me, I embrace a reflection of myself!

There is no such thing as ‘evil’: there is only pain and there is pain, there can be healing to create joy and life force! A great opportunity to let go of pain, anger and resentment to become lighter and move into more acceptance of ourselves.

How was your Solstice? Let me know in a comment or an email. I love you!

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1 Jo Berry December 23, 2010 at 5:11 am

For me the Solstice was a powerful rebirth, the day leading up to it full of pain and crisis and then the healing began, And speaking with you Sophie on the Tuesday showed me the way forward. I am practicing being very tender with myself, and it has brought together in me the abuser and the abused, stopped the game between the part of me emotionally beating myself up and the part I am beating up, my hurt child. Now I feel the tenderness washing away the harshness, the pain, and I am left with a peaceful Unity.
I walked down a major town here yesterday, with tenderness, and I walked differently! I communicated differently with everyone, especially with my children. And now I realise that the many challenges I have had with others being abusive is because I do it to myself. Finally I can end this cycle for ever, by being tender, loving and forgiving myself. Tenderness is the energy that melts the protectiveness which brings the self forgiveness.
Thank you Sophie for shining your light and sharing your love and wisdom.


2 Sophie December 24, 2010 at 7:31 pm

I love you Jo! Together, we learn.


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