Earthing the New Energy

by Sophie on June 21, 2009

I explained in my previous post that the only way to benefit from a download of powerful spiritual energy (also called an attunement) is to EARTH it, to ground it, like you do with a lightning bolt.

I am not being metaphorical: energy travels inside your body in the form of minute electric signal so a sudden load of energy coming from the outside can easily overload the system. That’s where the dizziness, light headed-ness and strange physical sensations come from. You really don’t want to ‘blow a fuse’ or ‘short circuit’ while the universe is trying to give you a free upgrade of the best goodies currently available to the human race! You want to have fun and enjoy the ride! For that you need to be more in your body . Eating fruit, dancing to loud music and jogging seem to be really helping me this week end! And sleeping extra of course!

That’s also why being hydrated matters so much: water is the conduit and helps the electricity travel through your body.

The reason you need to be in your body so much is so you can anchor your dreams and turn them into reality, through your body. You are going to birth your dreams. More about that in my next post.

What are YOU doing to keep your body balanced this Summer Solstice?

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