Does It Make Your Heart Sing?

by Sophie on June 18, 2015


One day my thinking seized up. I moved continents and I had to make so many decisions in the past 4 months: I looked at each item in my house and decided whether to keep it, donate it or trash it. I chose a moving company, an airline, temporary accommodation. I bought new phones, looked at schools, looked at more traveling options. I reviewd cars, the benefits of various insurances and bank accounts. Then I suddenly reached what I could only describe as “decision fatigue”.  I became unable to make the next decision. I had slept enough, eaten well and looked after myself, I could read, converse and watch movies. But literally could NOT think about another choice. If there was a decision to be made, pffft, my mind went blank and refused to get into gear.

I was only half way through my process, I still had to buy clothes for my new life, bedding, a roadside rescue program, plan the out of school summer time, choose a doctor, learn a new town. So many more decisions to make, a child to keep safe: quitting ws not an option.

I was wondering how to move forward when I remembered: think with your heart! It’s something I teach in my Awaken the Healer Within classes. I even offer an energy attunement for it! How could I forget? Time to practice what I teach.  I started looking at every single object, possibility and option with this question: Does it make my heart sing? I dropped my awareness into my body and stilled myself to FEEL the immediate, unchecked, physical response to every choice and every possibility. If it made my heart sing, and a wave or warm peace washed over me, I went ahaed. If it made my heart feel dull, and created some sadness or tensing up, I stayed away, didn’t do it, didn’t buy it, didn’t clutter my life with it.

I made a couple of mistakes where I said yes to make someone else happy or to follow up on what used to make me happy 15 years ago, and I am now untangling that mess. But overall, I am getting used to this new golden standard and it’s becoming my first reaction to drop my awareness into myself and think: does it make my heart sing?

It has not led me to making selfish choices either. I am a healer and selflessness often makes my heart sing, because I enjoy helping others by nature. When I get up early to drive my daughter to school, it makes my heart sing, because I love seing her happy and I love spending time with her. As I allow myself to choose what makes my heart sing, I am better able to hear what makes other people’s hearts sing and accommodate them as well, with improved general harmony in this family.

The main benefit so far of only buying and doing what makes my heart sing is that I have not acquired clutter again and I am loving the clear space to be in!

Have you tried it?

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