Does It Make Sense To Be At One With The Divine?

by Sophie on October 1, 2012

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing what it feels like to be at one with the divine.

He  wrote: “You are speaking about what you’ve experienced. I’m speaking in a theoretical sense, but naturally I feel pretty strongly about what makes sense to me.”

What I told him is that I am happy to share what I know but I am not interested in debating theory. I gave up being attached to and feeling strongly about “what makes sense to me” a long time ago because my mind and my beliefs were getting in the way of Oneness with the Divine.

In order to become one with the Divine, I had to be completely present to my body, without thought but with a strong intention/burning desire to know God. I know, it’s a delicate balance and I think that’s the part that takes practice. But mostly it takes trust.

While in such practice, I was suddenly taken out of my body and into the heart of my spiritual Master, which was the gateway to the Heart of God.

A few weeks later, while staying at my Spiritual Master’s home, I was taken right into the Heart of God, into a place without time or space. A place where I felt infinitely small and immensely held, loved and accepted. The  intensity and depth of my joy was going to explode my physical heart and dissolve me. I was home, back in the place that I had consciously longed for all my life since early childhood. At the same time I knew I was being asked if I was willing to change completely, to surrender and allow. Nothing was “making sense” at that moment and yet everything was perfection. Nothing needed explaining. I was very aware that what I was experiencing was too large to fit in my human brain. My heart however, was totally getting it and was turning to mush. It was melting into the Ocean of Divine Love.

I answered YES, with my whole being. Yes I was willing to surrender, allow and change. Suddenly I was back in my body, people were talking to me. I found my shoes and walked out into the sunshine.

That day all my many severe food allergies were healed and disappeared. My body started to rebuild. For the skeptics out there, this happened in the middle of the day, in moderate temperature. I was well rested, well fed, had not been fasting,  had not consumed any alcohol, drugs or medication, had not recently suffered physical or emotional trauma, was not living under unusual stress.

Since that day, I think through my heart. Meaning that I think with my head (and if you know me you know that I question, research and use logic) but I run nearly everything through my heart before I speak or act because my heart is what connects me to the Heart of God, Source of my life.

And folks, that is why I don’t spend any time debating theory. I am happy to hear about other people’s experience, however different from mine, because I can feel the vibration of that. Head stuff has no vibration and I need my time to experience life. 🙂

Several years later and 7,000 miles away, a dear friend took this picture of me on the beach and I still think that unique moment where he saw the heavens gently brushing my crown chakra sums up all the other times when the heart of God opens up to me and I nestle up, joyful and content back Home.

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1 Katana October 18, 2012 at 3:13 pm

I love this post, it explains much of how I feel. I feel as though I have always considered my heart and feel the thoughts there immediately. It is almost as if when growing up I taught myself to think in my head and honor my rationale more than feelings. Of course now as an adult, I know the magnificent gift it is to “think” with your heart.


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