Divine Feminine Power Days This Week

by Sophie on November 29, 2011

JustĀ  a quick note to share with you that I noticed yesterday Monday and today Tuesday being huge power days for spiritual awakening, more specifically for the emotional clearing that needs to happen first before we can grow spiritually. The Divine Feminine is definitely pushing us to shed what we don’t need and to grow fast.

Lots of clearing of abuse and cruelty that happened in this lifetime (as opposed to lots of karmic work) in particular.

So if you’ve had a rough ride of it, know that you are not alone going through this.

This is what I have found helps:

  • stay grounded
  • keep doing energy work to keep clearing issues and hurt as they show up
  • ask for Divine support and allow yourself to receive it. Connect to the Heart of God/dess
  • ask for help and protection from angels, archangels and guides
  • work through the negative without dwelling on it, release it and put your attention back onto positive thoughts as fast as possible
  • LET GO OF OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF!!! you have plenty enough to do with your own stuff.
  • don’t be a lonely hero: ask for adequate and appropriate help and support asap: we learn better together

Know that this too shall pass and that we will come back to balance soon, stronger, more flexible and more loving than before.

Next power day is Thursday 1 December. I don’t know if it will be a “shake the tree” day or a soothing day. Either way: stay grounded, connected and loving!

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1 Dan L. Hays November 30, 2011 at 10:24 am

Sophie –
Thanks so much for this post! It is ultra-timely! I was rocking along in a very centered and peaceful place, and Monday and Tuesday was thrown back into an “emotional clearing” space like I haven’t felt in a long while. The last time it felt this intense was fall ’09 when you picked up on it and supported my energy during that time. I talked with two trusted friends and said it was like the old demons were trying to grab back on. I had been working for the last 4 years to clear out the energy from abuse by a crazy Grandmother. In the last months I’ve been realizing how much I had released. But it’s like my former 12 step sponsor used to say: “When you try to let go of something(someone) they will try more and more bizarre ways to hold on.” That’s it exactly! She was trying to grab on again!

Sophie, “Let go of other people’s stuff” is the perfect direction for me! I’ve been releasing Grandma’s hold on me as fast as I can, and I’ll use all my resources and support mechanisms to see that she doesn’t grab hold again. I’ll be doing a lot of self-nurturing too!

Great to be alerted that December 1st will be the next big energy day. I’ll be watchful in case it’s a “shake the tree” day, but either way, work hard to stay grounded!

Once again, Sophie, you’re right on target! THANK YOU!



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