Dismantling the Ego

by Sophie on September 16, 2009

After yesterday which was a magnificent Loving Goddess day, I was fully expecting to have another sun-filled glittery day. But no, today was a weird day. People falling, getting hurt, acting and speaking from their ego when you least expect it, crying, feeling negative and disheartened, saying they are tired or lonely beyond words. Feeling numb and/or faint were definitely today’s common symptoms. Go figure! Having to process too much energy and manage too much change at once me thinks.

I countered it by dedicating the day to practicing gratitude. I felt deep in every cell of my body how heart-felt gratitude connects us with the magnificence of Divine Creation and so keeps us humble. I stayed with that for quite a while.

Behind the gratitude/humility feeling I realized that our world has been changing so fast for so long, energetically, economically and therefore emotionally that many of us don’t know who we are any more. I am not just talking about a traditional break down as defined by psychologists. I mean the shifting of deep spiritual reference points that is forcing a re-patterning of our energy systems in ways that we cannot conceptualize and therefore cannot express. The inability to express the experience creates a lack of commonality when emotionally we could really use the comfort of sharing our experiences.

I understand that we are only feeling discomfort because we are resisting the natural process of change. And this time we really have no idea where we are headed, in a big way. All we can do is trust, as we watch our egos being constantly challenged and dismantled, that beyond the taking apart of the walls in our lives, beyond the discomfort, is what we have been wishing for. What have you been wishing for? Now is the time to be sure as your wishes create now more than ever.

Under all this is emerging a current of powerful untamed life force. I suspect it is to keep us safe when we start yielding this power that the ego must vanish first and fast.

Surrender is where it is all driving us. A friend’s advice this afternoon was: “Dig deeper, love yourself unconditionally”. What kind of day did YOU have?

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