Current Energy Wave

by Sophie on December 7, 2010

I talked 2 posts ago about how couples seem to be given the opportunity to make a deeper commitment and to the spiritual growth that can be learned in committed aware relationships.

I think this is part of the current surge of energy spontaneously attuning us to Planetary Awakening. Of course this is happening whether we are in a couple or not. I have been vividly aware of these energy waves since the December solstice two years ago and even more so since the June Solstice 18 months ago.

The only way I can describe it is that these energy waves offer us a concentration of energy that we can use to do our spiritual work and grow with more quickly.

They also feel to me like birth contractions pushing us through a very long birth canal into the next level of where humanity is going and what we are awakening to. The summer of 2009 was a succession of such waves. (read here and here)

Each wave has it own flavor and theme so we can work on different aspects of our personalities and relationship.

At the moment it seems to me that we are working on commitment that reveals the truth. Sometimes the Truth. What was hidden or dormant until now. Nor always comfortable at the time. But ALWAYS worth it in the end! And in this case I think the end of this wave is near. Probably early in January. Another month or so.

Enjoy! And remember that Truth is linked to all chakras of course but mostly the 5th (throat) and the 4th (heart).

What’s YOUR story in this current energy wave?

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