Craving and Resisting Enlightenment

by Sophie on July 2, 2012

The funny thing about enlightenment is that we crave it and resist it at the same time.

We crave it because we are hardwired, I believe, to know the Love who created us. We long for complete acceptance, warmth and absolute compassion, all of which come from Source. We want to merge with it, be Oneness. We want to feel safe and love unconditionally and eternally. And that is what enlightenment provides us with.

Yet at the same time we are aware of being in a human body. We know we can be cruel at times. We know we are capable or boasting, of using others, of being greedy. So our compassionate heart, the heart we use to love others and protect them, hesitates to merge with Oneness. We fear the beauty and power of the experience will be highjacked by the human ego and used for destruction instead of creation.

It’s a valid concern and I have certainly met individuals who have used their glimpse of eternity to control others.

But with mindfulness and total surrender of the unfolding process to the Divine, it is possible to join into the Heart of God safely. And then, the next gift is deep humility, awe and waves and waves of joy and gratitude. Your ego is no match for the Divine. So don’t worry about your ego stopping you from reaching enlightenment: surrender into infinite love and you will be infinitely safe.

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