by Sophie on December 3, 2010

In the past 8 days I have been noticing a lot of activity in the energy of couples around me. I am not a relationship specialist but this is really obvious.

At first everyone I heard about was splitting up, talking divorce or having tension in their marriage or relationship.

Then I realized that some people’s romantic relationships are going completely the other way: getting suddenly better.

What’s going on?

Today I figured it out: the deeper truth is showing. We are being asked to do the really deep emotional and spiritual work on ‘stuff’ brought on by an aware and responsible romantic relationship. You know, the stuff  you can tolerate from everyone but not from your life partner. Or the stuff that you can hide from everyone but not from your life partner.

I think many couples are cracking under the pressure because:

  • one of the parties does not want to do that kind of in depth emotional and spiritual work and leaves the relationship
  • OR there is no work to be done and a relationship that is dead and was running on auto-pilot comes undone.

Other couples are suddenly changing for the better or getting engaged etc for the same reason: there is deep work to be done together and both parties are agreeing to dive into it. Together. How exciting!

So: commitment or no commitment. What’s your story at the moment?

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1 Kimberly December 3, 2010 at 12:37 pm

Hi Sophie, I mentioned to you recently that it is a miracle in my life that my boyfriend, Jon, and I are getting engaged. We’ve been together for 5 and 1/2 yrs and a couple years ago, I realized not only could I not marry him, but we wouldn’t be together much longer. Jon is a wonderful person, but the dynamic between us, because of each of our ‘issues’, was just not working. Then Oprah did her telecast with Eckhart Tolle and everything changed. We each started a spiritual quest, reading, going inward and talking, and talking…and talking some more. Almost everyday, still, we talk about something we’ve read or have been thinking about or experiencing. We have changed how we see the world and other people, especially each other. For me personally, my heart has opened up more and I find myself looking at or thinking of him and feeling the way I did in the beginning…overflowing with love. It doesn’t get better than that!
An interesting side note to this…Recently, I donated a pet portrait commission to the annual fundraiser for the ASPCA. I received the name of the winner and was getting started on the portrait without thinking anything of it. A few days later, I was looking at a small book at Costco and saw that it was done by Eckhart Tolle AND this man I’m doing the commission for! Feeling a huge debt of gratitude to Eckhart for what he had done for both Jon and I, I explained my feelings to my client and asked if I did a portrait of Eckart’s dog, if he could get it to him as a gift of appreciation. He was very supportive and I hope to have the portrait done in January. I never would have dreamed I would have this opportunity while watching Oprah’s series with Eckhart, but realize now that… that is how the universe works! Another day…another miracle:)
ps. I’m not saying my life is perfect, but these events of serendipity help me to remember that miracles are in process, even when things look dismal and to try not to waste so much energy worrying.


2 Sophie December 4, 2010 at 12:31 am

Wow Kimberly! You definitely have a direct line to celebrities! What a wonderful story! Beyond the magic of serendipity and attracting the connections that matter to you, I also see a message of hope for all who want a deeper spiritual connection with their romantic partner/significant other.
Your s is really a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing here.
Comments are not always read so I will once again publish your comment as a main post to inspire others if that is ok with you. 🙂


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