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If you are feeling stuck, sad, confused or overwhelmed, book a one on one session with me to create clarity and peace of mind on any topic you need to work on today.

An individual session can effectively:

  • Heal heartache
  • Explain your body’s aches and pains
  • Manage anxiety and panic attacks
  • Understand your addictive behaviors and destructive relationship habits
  • Embrace your healing gifts
  • Learn to love and trust yourself.
Book a 30 minute session (£80 = US$100) or a 60 minute session (£160 = US$200) here.

Sophie Lhoste Healing is a super effective blend of Reiki + quantum level healing + kinesiology + Angel communication to safely reveal what you need to work on. As soon as I find the energetic core of the issue, I can remove it in an instant and you can find peace of mind. I offer you a very dynamic connection with Divine Source so you can receive the positive energy patterns and healing that are specially tailored to your needs. No need for endless talking or wondering who was to blame: let’s do the energy work so you can let go and move on!

Energy healing is real every day spirituality. Energy healing can improve your life in practical ways and Sophie Lhoste Healing brings real results in your every day life. This is what happened to Sherri after just one session:

“I was at some times before our session afraid to leave the house! Since our session, I lost a lot of  fear. I went to real estate school and got my real estate license.  I believe our one session helped me that much!” Sherri P., May 2010.

“Sophie is an amazing healer with a vast perspective and a tender and loving heart. If you need a healer’s healer, or someone who can skillfully guide you though increasing your own intuitive and healing skills, and someone who isn’t afraid to tell it to you like it really is, talk to Sophie. She has my highest recommendation.” Jeremy.M. Bennett, Healer, Nov 2012 on LinkedIn.

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