Changing beliefs

by Sophie on July 27, 2010

This is an example of what happens when you change a set of beliefs:

I was raised to believe that crowds were always unpleasant, dangerous, loud, depleting and to be avoided at all costs. But recently I decided to challenge and change those beliefs so I can enjoy taking my kids to the amusement parks they love so much.

So I did the energy work to remove all beliefs that stood in the way of my kids and my having fun together where we were going.All I wanted was to be able to spend a day at the amusement park without getting a headache or wanting to run away in a grumpy mood.

But now when I go to an amusement park what I notice the most is how much love there is between family members in most parties. The tender care for most of the children, the support the adults give each other throughout the day, the older kids looking after the young ones. So now I have a ball in crowds and parades, watching families between loving towards each other. Removing the blocks that were right under my nose gave me a lot more than I expected. More of what I enjoy and did not even know how to ask for!

That is often what happens when you remove a set of negative beliefs and raise your vibration.

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