Challenging Week

by Sophie on August 2, 2011

Since last Wednesday, I have been challenged beyond word. I fell like whatever I am not good at is being put under the microscope and amplified on a large screen, very loud High Definition TV, right in my living room, right in my face!

Patience being one of the areas where I am being tested. It’s been one of my learning grounds all my life and all the other events are really stretching that one to new levels!

My mothering skills is another area being challenged and from what I hear from my friends, I am not the only one at the moment!

Money coming and going, appearing and disappearing like it’s all an illusion and a really funny joke… ?

Boundaries, knowing what I stand for, what feeds me and sustains me and making sure that I have access to it. Boundaries with others and feeling respected. Several times a day and in various ways, some of them really unexpected!!

Sometimes Ascension is fun and sometimes, not so much! Overall I feel like I got soaking wet in a sudden and violent storm and someone just threw me in the tumble dryer: I know it’s good for me to dry instead of rotting but I’m not enjoying being tossed around so violently!
Being honest with all my raw emotions, including the recently very negative ones seems to help. I don’t feel like a ‘nice healer’ at all at the moment. Where is all the love, the Love, the sweetness, the compassion, I have cultivated for 30 years I ask? pffft, has it evaporated in the heat of summer? I feel angry and resentful on a regular basis. Which is good beacuse I am suddenly getting to the root cause of a lot of ooooooold stuff. Thankfully I also have 30 years of healing experience and I am very skilled at using the energy tools at my disposal so I am  able to work through the root causes quite fast and able to re-balance in a few hours.

Of course I have also had some incredibly sweet, pleasant and insightful moments when I am at peace and in tune with my raw positive emotions and with the people around me. Glimpses of a future of eternal bliss I hope! (haha!) The best way I have found to even things out is to really focus on appreciating the present moment. Relax into it. Enjoy the beauty. I spend as much time as possible outside, looking at beauty rather than thinking. Grounding myself, breathing, drinking water and eating nutrient rich food. I find that being up on my vitamins, minerals etc really helps to balance negative emotions. I also keep on asking others for support. More about that in my next post.

What about you? Has it been smooth sailing? Or are your buttons being pushed? Are you in the tumble dryer? Still in the rain? On the other side of it all? Not affected at all? Let us know: together we heal and grow!

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1 claire gilmour August 2, 2011 at 5:23 am

Sounds like a challenge alright! ooooold stuff is always deep and when it comes up for air and light, it can feel like fire! What about me? I am alternating between being soaking wet and being in the tumble drier and I am not liking it. In fact can’t see wood for trees and just feel knocked and swayed about. Very few moments of grounding and patience?? what is that??. I too am looking at my gorgeous surroundings, trying to remember to breathe and reminding myself that it’s all a journey and that this too shall pass. Thanks for sharing Sophie xx


2 Sophie August 2, 2011 at 9:29 am

Thank you Claire for your honesty. Yes, gorgeous surroundings DO help and we are both blessed that way.


3 Dan Hays August 2, 2011 at 2:02 pm

Right there with you, Sophie – the tumble dryer captures my recent experiences! I was up all last night releasing deep fears. I suspect it’s because I’m moving forward into living out my destiny, and it’s “house cleaning” any resistance which might still exist in my world. Being stirred up and tossed around for sure!


4 Sophie August 3, 2011 at 1:49 am

Would love to hang out on the clothes line, in the yard, in the sunshine, gently swayed by a light breeze for a while… Wanna meet me there? 🙂


5 Dan Hays August 3, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Sounds like a wonderful plan, Sophie! I’d love some gentleness right now! 🙂


6 Cassandra August 3, 2011 at 11:41 am

Oh yes, I hear you Sophie (as you well know)…To continue the metaphor, and extend it–yesterday was blissfully hot, without that nasty thickness to the air. I suddenly realized I could hang out the wash. So I trooped wet load after wet load upstairs from the basement, hung the shirts on hangers, draped things over the patio chairs etc. Even a thick comforter from Ripley’s bed (that the cat had barfed on, etc.). Everything dried within an hour. The sheets dried almost instanteously. Everything smelled of the garden. It was a pleasure to fold the clothes on the patio (instead of in the dark basement).

I felt healed by the sun, reminded by the weather of the untapped resources (for warmth, love, drying of tears even) that are all around me.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.



7 Pattie August 11, 2011 at 7:48 am

Hi Sophie,
I just received your mail this morning…its a week later for me …..but can say that last week..
Maxed- out frequencies for me and can actually pinpoint the exact time and day .

Spinning with highs and lows. Emotionally down and super sensitive . Boundaries and respect levels have all been tested for me as well. Looking inside and drawing on the positive energy and keeping the faith ..listening to my instincts…..lots of meditating, laying low, being patient and appreciating the littlest of life’ s simple pleasures.

It has pulled me through and safe to say….its nearly finished…. until the next wave 🙂


8 Derek Murphy August 16, 2011 at 9:49 pm

Thank you for the post Sophie. though I’ve known what this cleansing/re-tuning process is for some time I’m thankful for others sharing their own frustrations and trials during this strange time. The feeling of being lost, fatigue and the weird sleeping patterns/lack of proper sleep have tested me the most. Its hard to be constantly reminded of my old perceptions of myself, my old ways which don’t resonate anymore, which keeps me hanging onto them at times, but in other ways its changing into a feeling like everything is clicking into place and I’m going exactly where I need to be and have always desired to be.
Love and Light; Derek


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