Surviving Bad World News as an Empath

by Sophie June 14, 2016 Abuse

Empaths are affected even more strongly and more negatively than everyone else by public tragedies. I am an abuse survivor, so I don’t take pain lightly and this article is meant with the utmost respect for every human being. This is what I have found helpful: 1- Feel the shock, sadness, grief. Those are real […]

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3 Things You Probably Wouldn’t Guess About Me

by Sophie July 26, 2015 Blessing

When people hear I am a healer, they assume a number of things about how alternative or rebellious I am and about what I must like and dislike. Here are 3 things you probably would not have guessed about me. 1- I love MDs, GPs and nurses. I think most of them are natural healers […]

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Seeing Things As They Are

by Sophie January 15, 2015 Abuse survivor

Nostalgia, sadness, heartache, loss: I have spent the past 2 years prone to these shadow emotions of the heart. It makes sense since I am an abuse survivor, I have spent my adult life moving countries and leaving friends and family behind, and I am now at an age when my kids have started leaving […]

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The Truth Being Revealed

by Sophie July 28, 2014 Divine Feminine

Last week was all about the truth being revealed. It was not about righting wrongs. It was just about the truth being revealed. So the things that worked well showed themselves in their beauty and the things that were broken or needed to be changed also showed themselves as they are. I heard as many […]

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When You Go

by Sophie May 14, 2014 Ascension

When you go, how many roses will you have grown? How much kindness will you have shared? How many people will be better off for having known you? When you go, how much life will you have created? How many souls will you have helped blossom? Teacher whose heart grew mine, whose respectful hand took […]

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With Respect and Without Expectations

by Sophie April 26, 2013 Abuse

There is a softness in some people that comes from having let go repeatedly. I don’t mean a giving up. I mean a softness of surrender and acceptance and a purposeful decision to keep on choosing wonder and tenderness that brings them so much closer to the Divine. Softness such as you create with a […]

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How Do You Recognise a Spiritual Messenger?

by Sophie December 15, 2012 Angels

What does a spiritual messenger look like? Sometimes a messenger appears as a singing angel or a protective archangel surrounded by Divine Light. That one’s pretty easy to spot 🙂 Sometimes the messenger appears as a master from a recognised spiritual or religious tradition and tells you something so wise that your whole life is […]

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Grateful for all the Healers and Therapists in the World

by Sophie November 22, 2012 Abuse survivor

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s inclusive and non-denominational. A whole day dedicated to some of my favorite things: gratitude and abundance. Works for me! The past year was full of surprising discoveries that lead to deeper personal healing. As I heal further, I become a better channel for healing  and I am particularly grateful […]

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Awaken the Healer Within 2012-2013

by Sophie May 5, 2012 Attunements

Awaken the Healer Within 2012-2013 I want to let you know that registration for the 2012-2013 course is NOW OPEN. Some students have already registered for next year. The class only runs once a year and is limited to 15  students. So if you are considering joining the class, read on and register today!   […]

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Spring is an Opportunity to Trust and Surrender

by Sophie April 7, 2012 Attunements

This Easter and Passover time of year seems to bring issues of power, control and surrender to the next level. I think it is because in the Northern hemisphere where the rituals originated, what we are really celebrating is Spring and the renewal of  life. We are thinking about fertility and abundant crops that will […]

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