Energy Protection Class – January 2014

by Sophie December 29, 2013 General

I am offering my energy protection class again. Do you know how to protect yourself energetically? Are you an empath who feels dragged down by other people’s energies? On Sunday, January 12, at 7pm, I am teaching a tele-class to show you (or remind you) how to protect yourself energetically! The class is on the […]

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11.11 Peace Portal

by Sophie November 11, 2010 General

11.11 Where I come from 11.11 is known as Armistice Day because it marks the end of WWI. In the UK it is Remembrance Day and in the USA it is Veterans Day.”The terms of the agreement called for the cessation of fighting along the entire Western Front to begin at precisely 11 AM that […]

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Are You Ready for 11.11?

by Sophie November 9, 2010 General

Are you ready for 11.11? How are you going to mark the day? It’s an energy portal and a great opportunity to raise your vibration into the next dimension of your own spiritual growth. Now is a good time to start going within and to meditate or pray to feel where you are going with […]

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Emotional Awakening

by Sophie November 7, 2010 General

Why are we so emotional when we have a deep Awakening experience? I know I cry every time. I feels as if it is with joy and relief. The joy of having been found, of having arrived, of being held in the deepest  most tender love you could ever imagine. I cry because I can […]

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Inspiration by Kim Merrill

by Sophie October 18, 2010 General

The wonderful painter Kimberly Merrill posted this as  a comment on one of my recent blog posts on intuition and I want to give her a whole post because her experience was wonderful, inspiring and typical of what happens when the Divine decides to work through you. Enjoy! Hi Sophie, I’d like to share with […]

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Healing is Like Computers

by Sophie July 28, 2010 General

I remember being asked to buy a laptop to remain effective in my MBA program, over 20 years ago. Then work started sending me on monthly “How to use your computer” classes. Meetings and presentations became computerized. Computers were specialist stuff, something I used out there at work, supported by IT magicians who made no […]

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A Loving Intention

by Sophie July 11, 2010 General

My boyfriend loves me very well, by which I mean that not only does he love me but he knows me, respects me, wants me to be happy and he protects me well. He also loves me very much. That’s a powerful combination, one that creates a powerful loving INTENTION of what he wants to […]

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From Seedling to Tree

by Sophie July 10, 2010 General

The experience I had on Friday last week and described in Unity in Love was so deep that it is still resonating with me. I was wondering why I resisted Oneness with others for so long and it occurred to me that a good healer chooses to hold a very high vibration and invites others […]

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We Used to Be One

by Sophie July 3, 2010 General

I just remembered something I forgot to describe in yesterday’s post “Unity in Love“. It was a knowing that it was pointless to try and keep myself separate from others, even in a crowd that I felt might overwhelm me, because at some point I chose, we all chose, to experience life together. And all  […]

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Unity in Love

by Sophie July 2, 2010 General

I spent yesterday in a very crowded environment and came home exhausted as usual. Because I want this reaction to stop, I went up and asked why this happened. The answer was: “Because you see yourself as separate from all these people. Keeping your barriers up is what exhausts you”. When I asked why I […]

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