Purification of the Home and Hearth at Imbolc

by Sophie February 2, 2014 Divine Feminine

For years I heard people talk about Imbolc and wondered what all the fuss was about. I was never affected by Imbolc until this year, when I have felt both ungrounded and disorganised as well as more able to go to higher planes and do really good energy work. I have also needed to sleep […]

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September Equinox

by Sophie September 21, 2013 Energy work

I was busy and happy all week with this year’s Awaken the healer Within starting last Tuesday (you can still join us if you want) and my second year class Empower the Healer Within of 2012-13 finishing on Thursday.  I was flying around in bliss, minding my own business and looking after my people. So […]

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The Goddess is on the Move

by Sophie March 5, 2013 Ascension

That is the phrase I woke up to last week: “The Goddess is on the move”, with the image of a friend I was meant to relay the message to. Of course if the Goddess is on the move, it is affecting all of us, not just my friend. I know this to be true […]

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Equinox Week End

by Sophie September 23, 2012 Divine Feminine

This Equinox week end is full of transformational opportunities. Read: it’s been challenging for many! Friday was International Peace Day I believe. With all the hope and stirring that brings in all of us who are committed to a more peaceful world. Of course Peace starts at home. So re-committing to peace is bound to […]

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The Power of my Intention

by Sophie September 23, 2010 Energy work

I realized last Spring that when I turned my attention to raising kids in a rather alternative way, I did that well. When I turned my attention to healing, I not only healed myself from abuse and multiple physical ailments, I also learned enough to teach others how to heal themselves. After I healed my […]

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Equinox Intention

by Sophie September 22, 2010 Equinox

September Equinox is here. In the Northern hemisphere it means that we have been harvesting the summer abundance and the growing season is over for this year. We are about to start a new year in terms of natural and therefore personal growth if we are in synch with our environment. Now is a good […]

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