Energy healing

Can You Feel the Planetary Awakening?

by Sophie August 11, 2009 Awakening

“I don’t feel all the things that you describe in your blog” and “I feel some of what you describe but not as strongly as you do” I hear several times a week. “I know something is happening energetically but I can’t make sense of it the way you do. What’s wrong with me?” There […]

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Second Sunday with Sophie

by Sophie August 3, 2009 Energy healing

On Sunday August 9 we are starting Second Sunday with Sophie. The new energies are still coming in waves, change is rapid and I want to make the information I am connected to available on a regular and affordable basis. At times the change is blissful and at times it is more challenging. It has […]

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What Quantum Healing Can Do For Children

by Sophie June 9, 2009 Allergies

Tonight I was called to help with a 6 year old boy who had a bad reaction to his steroid medication combined to some other medication. His asthma was bad. His pulse was erratic. “Sometimes 19, sometimes 25” said his mother and that is what prompted her to call me. After about 15 minutes of […]

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