Energy Healing Upgrade

by Sophie July 14, 2009 Ascension

We had a short break. Yesterday at noon USA EST the energy became less intense, calmer. Lots of opportunities opened up, a lot of support came forward. I slept beautifully last night and woke up refreshed. Since 9AM USA EST it feels like the dial has been turned up again and the waves of energy […]

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Huge Energy Wave Tonight

by Sophie July 12, 2009 Ascension

Something is up people: we are in the process of receiving a huge wave of energy as I am writing this. 1- Huge Sadness For me it started 2 days ago with humongous waves of sadness. I cried uncontrollably. It was like drowning in pain and sadness, an ocean of tears. I have reason to […]

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Why What You Eat Matters to your Spirituality

by Sophie July 6, 2009 Awareness

Everything in our world has a specific vibration. Some are denser than others. In order to channel as much light as we can, we need to be congruent: to have a body vibration that is as close to the divine as we can possibly make it. We are what we eat. So we need to […]

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