Can’t Hear Yourself Think?

by Sophie on March 9, 2011

“Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself. ” – Samuel Butler

That is exactly how my clients’ fear is communicated to me when I work as a healer. When people are in fear, I actually hear static when I tune into their energy system. The first think I need to do then is to balance their meridians and chakras and center them so they can hear themselves think and show me what is going on for them behind the fear.

At other times I tune into a client’s energy and I hear too many loud voices, like everyone has an opinion and is trying to be heard, making it difficult for my client to hear their own thoughts. Putting some clear energetic boundaries in place usually clears that up very quickly!

If you feel that you have either of those problems: contact me and make an appointment. I can help. 🙂

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