Breakdowns Are Good

by Sophie on March 27, 2010

The general consensus is that breakdowns are bad. Unwanted, unpleasant, destructive, damaging, disruptive. Nobody likes them. Of course. Nor do we invite them in. But when a nervous breakdown happens, is it really the end of the world? or is it a chance to build anew? What is broken needs to be built again and this time we can build differently. Maybe the first time around we did not have so much of a choice. Maybe this time we can do better because we know better.

I really think that a breakdown is God/the Universe giving us a chance to let the Light shine through the crack.

When we rebuild we can examine each building block and decide if we want to keep it or not during the healing process. What we decide to push out of our habits or consciousness makes space for the new.

So now is a great chance to ask for help, to allow yourself to receive support and heal to create the you that you really want, with a different intention. A peaceful, joyful you!

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