New Class: Healthy Boundaries for Sensitive Women

by Sophie on February 20, 2018

When you are sensitive, people and events around you often hurt you. But you can choose to feel better in every moment: protect yourself, change your mood and your reaction to the world around you by learning to control your energy.

In the class, Healthy Boundaries for Sensitive Women, we are going to look at how to protect ourselves, what our triggers are, why we avoid certain people and places, how to turn our sensitivity into our super power.

We will also cultivate our intuition. To listen to our intuition, we need to feel safe and it’s easy to create emotional safety with healthy boundaries.

With good boundaries and listening to your intuition, you can keep overwhelm in check, start carving some time for yourself and be more responsive with the people you love.

Just try the class! You can register for one month and see if you like it. Then stay for as long as you want, there is no contract, only a commitment to yourself to grow, heal and do the best you can for yourself, your family and your loved ones!

Healthy Boundaries for Sensitive Women starts on Sunday, March 4, 2018.

It is a teleclass, so you can participate from your own home

Class will be at 3pm EST, first Sunday of every month.

You will receive 50% off as many individual sessions as you want for every month that you are in the program.

All call details and discount code will be sent to you upon registration.


Raw Chocolate

by Sophie on December 11, 2016

A student asked me for my raw chocolate recipe yesterday. I first posted it 7 years ago, so here is my updated version:

Quantities are approximate, depending on how much you want to make and how sweet you like your chocolate.

  • 2 thirds cup raw cocoa powder
  • pinch of maca (careful: it can be an aphrodisiac!) or any superfood of your choice, like supergreens if you want your raw chocolate to be a ‘pick me up’/energy snack
  • 1 tbs raw coconut butter
  • 2 tbs raw virgin coconut oil
  • 1 tsp raw cocoa butter, grated or shaved with a fork
  • 1 tbs raw honey
  • Lucuma powder and mesquite powder to sweeten to taste. More Lucuma and less cocoa will make it taste more like commercial ‘milk chocolate’
  • 2 tbs raw tahini, enough to turn the above ingredients into a paste
  • 1 tsp cocoa nibs and/or 6 chopped raw cashew nuts, pili nuts, almonds if you want to add some crunchy consistency.

For truffles: refrigerate for 15 minutes then spoon into truffle shape and roll into more cocoa powder, either neat or sweetened with agave powder.

For everyday snacks: pour into ice cube trays, leave to set then keep in the fridge in dark glass jars.

Improvise, improve and let me know! Have fun!


Spirituality in Action for Empaths

by Sophie on June 25, 2016

Will spiritual people and empaths PLEASE stop saying that everything is great and fine and will be OK and we are all just learning when things are obviously just plain shit? When things suck and are wrong and hurtful, just own up to it. Then go do something practical about it.

Owning up to it will allow your body to process shock, grief, emotions and sadness in real time rather than burry them and force them to reappear later when you don’t know what they are connected to any more. There may well be some individuals who are SO enlightened, that they never succomb to fear or sadness any more, but I have never met a person who did not feel sadness and I have met some seriously enlightened individuals. Your human alive body reacts to life with a cocktail of chemical reactions called hormones and while does creates too much drama and pain to let your hormones run the show, they are still real and need to be acknowledged and dealt with appropriately. So give yoursef time to FEEL, time to BE HONEST, time to RECOVER FROM SHOCK, time to GATHER REAL SUPPORT, time to GRIEVE, time to HEAL DEEPLY.

There is no shame in being sad or hurt or shocked or feeling humiliated if that is what you feel at that time. LET IT BE WHAT IT IS! You can work on yourself to heal that pain and to strengthen that part of you of course. I do it all the time. In fact, it’s the first thing I do when I am in pain, grief and shock. I work to heal it at the root cause. But you can only heal what you are aware of and acknowledge. Being spiritual does not mean you don’t have emotions. Being spiritual means you process your emotions to feed the love and not the fear.

When you feel better in yourself, go do something every day and practical, inspired by your deep spirituality, peace and Divine connection: that is SPIRITUALITY IN ACTION. It is responsible ‘sovereignty’, acting on your principles, and doing to others as you would have them do to you. It IS spriritual to feed the good wolf in every day, practical ways. And it is courageous. Sitting up on the mountain to meditate is very enjoyable and I remember clearly spending many lifetimes doing just that. But voting matters, laws matter, economic choices matter, being engaged matters. Meditation is the spiriual equivalent of refining something in a lab. Then what you discover in the lab has applications in the wider world. Same with your spiritual practice: if you don’t create with it in the world, your spiritual wisdom becomes redundant to the larger human experience.

“The world lowers my vibration” is a common complaint. I agree, the world lowers my vibration too. That’s why I spend so much time alone meditating or doing Reiki and why I choose who I keep company with so carefully. Then when my vibration is high, I go into the world and I do something useful and practical with it. You CAN keep your vibration ‘up’ and still see things for what they are. That’s why the Buddha’s eyes are half open and not all the way closed, by the way!

Please don’t hide behind your spirituality or use it as an excuse for inaction. Don’t allow your need for spiritual retreat to become a cowardly cover up for your fear of acting in the world. When we show up, we make mistakes, we get hurt, we even hurt others and all that is scary, I know! But showing up and owning our power is the courageous and honorable thing to do. Take the love, peace, connection and inspiration you create in your spiritual practice and go CREATE A BETTER EVERY DAY LIFE FOR ALL IN PRACTICAL WAYS.

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Surviving Bad World News as an Empath

by Sophie on June 14, 2016

Red RoseEmpaths are affected even more strongly and more negatively than everyone else by public tragedies. I am an abuse survivor, so I don’t take pain lightly and this article is meant with the utmost respect for every human being. This is what I have found helpful:

1- Feel the shock, sadness, grief. Those are real when you live in a human body. Stay hydrated, sleep more, eat good food to stay balanced, and cry. Your body knows what it needs to overcome shock and it’s slightly different for everyone. Feel the truth of your emotions so they are dealt with now, when you know what they are linked to, so they don’t need to resurface later. (Homeopathic remedies help me a lot with that.)

2- Read #1 again and make sure you look after yourself emotionally. Call friends, lean on your support system.

3- Remember that this physical life is only one life among many. When we know better, we can do better. If you don’t like what you are experiencing right now, make sure to adjust your expectations and settings for your next life on earth. Or decide not to come back. You have free will and being karma free is possible.

4- I have memories of other planets and environments that were destroyed through complacency but this planet Earth is carefully designed not to allow complacency ever. Pain, tragedy and shock are some of the ways that we stay aware and keenly desiring the next stage of our life. I think it’s sad, but the truth is that we will probably never have complete peace on earth or complete stability or complete happiness. Striving for the middle road is the best we can do.

5- Own your personal shadow. When your personal shadow is secret, it can be leveraged to unbalance you into shame, anger, hatred etc. Even the most loving and gentle among us are capable of very negative emotions. The more we are aware of them and think of our shadow as ‘us’, the less likely we are to project it onto ‘them’. And the more we display a behavior of inclusive acceptance for OURSELVES, the more we show others that they can do the same thing.

6-Ho’ohoponopono: if you are Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, LGBT, female, emotionless male, any shade darker than pale pink, from any self defined vulnerable group or minority that I am not yet aware of, I’m sorry; Please Forgive Me; Thank You; and I Love You. If you are from a dominant bullying group, extremist, raging, life destroying from your repressed personal pain or mindless entitlement, I’m sorry; Please Forgive Me; Thank You; and I Love You. Really, I do, because each one of us is a facet of Divine creation using our free will in different ways.

7-Remember that, while we are all one and what happens to one happens to all, if you live in the Western world, your home is probably safe today and your every day reality probably has not changed that much, unless you were personally touched by the tragedy at hand. So breathe and take that in: you are still personally safe at this moment. Also, there is no need to feel guilty for being safe when others are suffering. We want to bring others to safety instead of  spreading suffering any further than it already has. Use your heart and compassion but do not allow TV and social media to bring horror into your home.

8- Hold on to the small things that keep you sane and strong: a smile, a beautiful flower, home made food, the sun rising or setting, a familiar sight, the voice of a loved one, a good song, playing your musical instrument. Literally count your blessings today and hold onto gratitude. Own your power for good. Choose to feed your life force and your peace of mind. Feed Love inside of you.

I would love to hear your comments and what works for you when confronted with tragedy.

With much Love and Light.


Is Raw Food Miracle Food?

by Sophie on March 10, 2016

Is raw food, miracle food? Why do so many people say they healed from chronic illness on a raw food diet?

My experience is that a raw food diet works because it removes what’s bad for us and adds more of what’s good for us:

  • it gives us a break and a detox from all the chemicals (pesticides, additives, colorings, preservatives etc) normally added in the industrial and large scale production of modern food.
  • it reduces the amount of salt you eat and resets your taste buds so you can actually listen to your body’s natural cravings
  • it removes refined sugars from your diet, which reduces inflammation. I don’t make that stuff up, this is from Harvard Medical School:
  • it adds a considerable amount of vegetables to our diet and lots of vegetables is good for us because it adds fibre and vitamins to the diet.
  • it allows us to use simple, pure ingredients. We can choose organic if we want, we can control exactly what goes into the food we eat and avoiding known triggers can help heal food intolerances.

What are the drawbacks of a long term all raw diet?

  • In Northern climates, it’s impossible to stay healthy on 100% LOCAL raw foods. A fully raw food diet is an exotic luxury. Personally I would rather eat local organic food even if I have to cook them than raw exotic food.
  • There is strong evidence that we evolved to eat some cooked food as it breaks down the food for us, helps digestion and sometimes increases the nutritional content of what we eat. Fermentation offers similar benefits.
  • Some food are more nutritious when cooked “Cooked carrots, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage, peppers and many other vegetables also supply more antioxidants, such as carotenoids and ferulic acid, to the body than they do when raw, Liu says. At least, that is, if they’re boiled or steamed.” from
  • It’s easy to become protein and Vit B (and collagen) deficient on a a raw diet and I think it happens to a lot of people, depending on your protein needs as related to blood type, body type, ancestry/DNA, demands put on the body by a given line of work.
  • In Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, it is said that we make the body cold and damp by eating too much raw food. It weakens the kidneys and depletes life force (chi). I have to say this information matches my personal experience.

What do I personally think about a raw food diet?

1- I think it can be extremely efficient and useful:

  • as a SHORT TERM (from a few weeks to a year or two? Consult with your medical professional!) DETOX diet. Long term, I prefer to eat local over eating raw as I think it’s more sustainable and more natural.
  • It’s great summer and hot weather food as it helps cool the body
  • It’s great to control menopausal hot flashes. When I increased the raw food percentage in my diet, hot flashes decreased or stopped. Never read anything about it, that’s just my personal experience.

2- There are foods that I prefer the taste of and find that I digest more easily when they are raw, such as ‘raw’ chocolate (see this excellent article here:, raw nuts, raw sesame tahini, raw saurkraut and others, so I eat them while they are accessible to me.

3- But I think it’s either an exotic luxury or unsustainable and unhealthy in the long term if you keep it to local foods in cold climates. Having experimented with all this for years, it’s more important to me to eat organic food, as I react so badly to all additives and industrial chemicals added to modern foods, and to eat local food, so that I am in tune with my environment and I reduce pollution, than to eat raw. Alsi, I really need my bone broth and that’s not raw…

I am not a nutritionist, I am not medically trained and this article is about my opinions and my personal experience. It is NOT medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose or cure anyone or any medical condition.




REMEMBER It’s the Solstice

by Sophie on December 16, 2015

Remember we are in the week leading up to the Solstice. Winter Solstice if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that your body wants to slow way down to synch in with the increased night time hours. Now is the time to sleep more, eat more, do less, dream more, plant the seeds for your future that will grow and blossom in the next 9 months.

Our Western society is so confused that we have turned a spiritual family gathering into consummer-fest. Even those of us who dont spend a lot for the holidays are still expected to travel or host, eat differently and think about gifts somewhat. Stores and roads are crowded, money is tight, expectations are high. All of this is stress inducing, just as your body only wants to slow way down and sleep so you can dream about your future. (More info about dreaming your future here.) How to make December easier on yourself?

  • Slow down as much as you can without alienating everyone else
  • Put yourself first at least once a day, whether that means juicing, eating cookies, switching the TV off or watching a movie. It’s YOUR life. If you have been taught to ignore yourself or to go till you drop, the festive season can easily become a trap. Learn to look after yourself starting NOW.
  • Avoid refind sugar as much as you can as they alter your endoctrine system chemistry, contribute to creating inflamation and can undermine your immune system
  • Meditate daily on what you REALLY want your life to look like (great time to make a vision board)
  • ACCEPT REALITY.  Accept your here and now. Let go of the people who hurt you, see the patterns in your life for what they are: the delightful, the good, the bad and the ugly. Remember; if something hurts, it’s not love. Figure it out and change it (Hint: you can only change you.)
  • Don’t be afraid to break with tradition. Create new traditions that work better/are healthier for you
  • If you are an empath, all the above applies to you even more urgently.

I hope you enjoy the days leading up to Dec 20-22. I know I always have way more energy from Dec 23 onwards.

If you need help, make an appointment with me and I will be happy to support you!

Book your appointment here:



How to Deal with a Winter Cold Naturally

by Sophie on December 5, 2015

Prevention is best: enough sleep, not too much sugar, as little processed food as possible, no cows’milk product, daily bone broth, daily probiotics work well for my body type. Of course we all respond best to different foods and routines. It’s important to figure out what works for you.

When I feel a cold creeping in, as I did this morning when I woke up, this is how I deal with it:

1- to stop it in its tracks:

  1. energy work to listen to and heal my immune system, throat, lungs, sinuses, ears etc
  2. Oil pulling: Swish 20 minutes with coconut (or olive) oil then rinse and gargle with salted cooled boiled water, 3 times a day. That’s the most effective for me to get rid of ENT germs.
  3. Elderberry juice, preferably as a hot tea
  4. Manuka honey (or raw local honey) with lemon juice

To build the body back up:

  1. Zinc lozenge. It often happens because I am zinc deficient to start with
  2. Make sure I have not been forgetting my Vitamin D supplement
  3. Hydrating
  4. Sleeping extra
  5. Extra probiotics
  6. Bone broth
  7. Chia seeds to clean the intestines and allow other detox to happen more easily
  8. Difusing and/or wearing essential oils. I muscle test for what is optimum each time and don’t have a set pattern for that.

To your good winter health!

Disclaimer: I am not medically trained. I am not a naturopath, nor a dietician. These tips are shared as a peer, woman to woman and mother to mother.


Healing for an Adult Survivor of Abuse

by Sophie on September 28, 2015

Issue: Adult client reports being yelled at and berated by father out of the blue as an adult as she was as a child, feeling betrayed, deeply hurt feelings. Yelling triggers od fear of childhood physical violence. The pain inside, in second chakra particularly, is searing, bitter and twisting. Huge sadness at being pushed away again. Becoming increasingly aware, over several days, of this twisting bitter pain that seems to surface at odd times and make relationships more difficult. Trauma from latest incident makes it difficult to communicate with her own children and to keep it together at work.

Following the thread:

What hurts most? The fact that her father “always sides with the other woman”, whoever she is: first wife, second wife, cousin, sister, as did her husbands.(No obvious history of marital infidelity.)

We go to Source and ask why, in this lifetime, client attracts a pattern of emotionally indifferent father and husbands who under-provide financially and “always choose the other woman”. We are shown that the fact that the abuser puts his attention on the other woman means that she has to bear the brunt of the man’s lack of care, coldness and money deprivation and my client is then free and incentivised to move on and create a better life for herself. So really, father and husbands’ neglect was a way of protecting her from potential worse harm had she stayed attached to them.

We ask: What is the root cause of attracting these men in this lifetime?

We see client was discarded as a vessel for creation in her pre-human incarnations existence, when another female energy was chosen for it. Result of such creation was a mixed bag of joy and a lot of pain. Client shown that had her soul been chosen to be a vessel of that creation, there would have been just as much pain created and she would have felt crushingly responsible for it, so being discarded was a kindness to her. She choses to let go of her bitterness over being overlooked at that time.

End of session asessment:

Client reports that searing pain and twisted bitterness is being transmuted into peaceful detachment from recent painful events.Feeling of tenderness and protection around her. Feeling of physical safety within herself.

Client reports now becoming aware of a surfacing feeling of betrayal and “like there is no loyalty in the world”. But that is work for the next session!

(Name witheld for confidentiality purposes but provided)


What Do I DO? Help With Travel Anxiety

by Sophie on September 9, 2015

During one of my private sessions with Sophie Lhoste Healer, we dealt with old feelings (mostly anxiety) around travel. For most of my life, anytime I would approach an airport or train station, whether I was traveling or just picking up or dropping off others, it would bring nothing but waves and waves of anxiety. Even knowing the causes of it, I could not shake the physical, involuntary reactions.

Yesterday I had agreed to drive a friend to the airport and not just to the one in Newark, NJ, but all the way into NY to JFK airport. JFK airport is where I flew out of a lot as a child to go to overseas and where many of the anxious moments were experienced.

Happy to report that before I knew it we were at the drop off point and I had NOT ONE ounce of any negative emotion! I drove my friend’s car back home and drove out of there like it was no big deal. There was ZERO stress or anxiety. In addition, I made no wrong turns and did not experience any road rage, even when sitting in traffic or having people cut me off. It was a long day and a long drive, but the difference was amazing!!

By L.S., artist and small business manager.

L.S. is not the only person whose travel anxiety has been helped by energy work. In fact, I discovered Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing when I was looking to alleviate travel anxiety. Several of my clients have experienced similar improvement. First we uncover the repressed negative emotions and body memories, then we remove them from our energy system. Sometimes the issue can have a link to family karma or past life memories, which can also be removed, allowing our energy system to re-balance and deal with travelling issue one moment at a time, in live reality, rather than how we remember or anticipate them.


What Do I DO? Support Women’s Wisdom

by Sophie on September 4, 2015

“As I shared in my book The Birth of Magdalena, When I met Sophie Lhoste Healer at a women’s gathering, I had started to learn how to tune in to the messages that my body was giving me. I had learned to interpret my symptoms symbolically and see how the stories that I was carrying affected my physical health. I was in this phase where I could see it happening, but I didn’t know how to stop it. So, when I had a client lead me on with the promise of a big payday and then turn and thrust a few dollars of gas money into my hand, it triggered all of my past abuse history. I felt used and I was pissed. I felt the pain from the experience settle into my bladder and start to make me sick. I tried all of the herbs and homeopathic treatments that usually helped, but the infection got worse. Because I was traveling, I broke down and got a prescription for antibiotics, but even that didn’t help.

When I got to the weekend I was in so much pain that I couldn’t eat or sleep and I saw my dreams for the weekend washing away in a wave of pain.  So in that moment, I was desperate enough to step out of my comfort zone and ask for help. And I am so glad that I did, because that is how I met Sophie. She offered to help me feel better with energy work, and asked for my permission to remove what was causing my pain. In just a matter of moments, the fever and pain from the infection was gone from my body. She also found some other issues that were connected to that and asked if she could release those as well. She acknowledged my inner wisdom about how being “pissed off” and feeling used and abused had triggered the bladder infection and she let me speak my truth, but then she released the energy of it from my body so that it no longer needed to hurt. Because of her I was able to have an amazing weekend but it also opened up so many possibilities for me.

There are many teachers that show you how to identify your patterns or your self-limiting beliefs, but they do not know how to release them energetically. There are books and trainings that help to raise your awareness of what you are attracting, but they do not show you how to change the way that you think and feel.  I had learned that I needed to listen to my body, but that energy session with Sophie made me really believe that it was actually possible to heal. I had not realized before that I could really let go of the stories that were no longer serving me and that it was possible to stop being in pain. Feeling the infection heal so quickly and the pain simply float away was a huge gift to me.” ~ Mb Antevasin


Disclaimer: This is one client’s account of how she perceived the energy work I shared with her after she had consulted her own physician and taken the recommended medication. I did not diagnose or cure any medical condition. My only purpose was to support her energetically so that her body and energy system could find their own healing wisdom.