Blessings to Health

by Sophie on October 10, 2010

When I met my Sufi Master, the interviews lasted about 10 minutes, twice, a few days apart.

He asked a couple of questions and gave some cryptic answers. But mostly, he blessed us. Intensely. He connected us to the Heart of the Divine absolutely, he loved us completely, he saw our vulnerability and accepted us tenderly. He blessed our hearts, our souls and our lives.

Within a few days, we had ALL healed from the multiple food allergies that we had developed over the years.

The person who was super helpful all the time remembered that she needed to see to her own needs.

The compliant child suddenly had better boundaries.

The tired adult felt like resting.

And the person who did not know how to provide was suddenly finding ways.

And as a family we all were very sure where we wanted to live after months of wondering and years of wandering.

We were blessed. Our vibration was raised. Our connection to the Heart of God had been granted and made permanent. We had been attuned to Divine Love. Or at least to as much Divine Love as we could house in our human bodies at that time.

What I learned from my Sufi Master is the essence of what I offer my clients. How I deliver the energy and the connection comes through a variety of ways and methods that I learned from a dozen different energy workers and combined into my own healing system.

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