Blessing your Way to the Divine

by Sophie on September 28, 2010

The part of my job I like the most is that it always ends up showing me a way to love someone. I might not like them but there is always something to love in a person, even if it’s only their vulnerability, or their need to trust or their desire to love.

At the core of each one of us is this deep fragility and capacity to grow and thrive, or recover, when we are held, loved and fostered. I have never met or heard of a human being that I could not love.

Of course it’s easier to do with the people further away from us than it is with those very close to us who get the chance to irritate us on a daily basis! So how do  I get there with the people ho really irritate me? By sending them blessings, day after day. Every time my temper flares up, every time I feel under attack, I bless them. Them I ask for blessings to come to me. EVERY time I have done that consistently, the situation has been resolved for the better for all concerned!

In my experience, sending blessings to each other is one of the fastest ways to accelerate our path to Divine Union because it gets us to think positive repeatedly and in so doing it raises our vibration! It attunes us to Love. Have you had that experience?