Being a Safe Healer

by Sophie on October 22, 2010

I think most healers have been shaken & pushed over the past 20 years.  They have had to let go of the bulk of their old negative patterns, relocate, redefine all their relationships, be true to their calling. Such  deep and frequent changes have made them very aware and prepared them to handle just about anything life throws at them now and has made them ready to teach conscious aware change.

We have repeatedly made the conscious decision to choose a positive future of transition, not destruction.

I also believe that most people who are currently healers have been healers, Shamans , monks or dedicated spiritual seekers in past lives, usually in several lives.

Throughout those life times we learned many different skills, lived in many different cultures and experimented with various aspects of our crafts. One of the things that I believe all healers experimented with throughout the ages is power and how to use it for good.

What happened when we over-rode other people’s wishes?

What happened when we abused our power?

If you remember those lives you don’t need me to tell you that bad things eventually happened when we abused our power as healers. And most of us, even when we don’t have clear memories of the incidents, KNOW not to abuse that power again. That is often why we block our healing powers when they start awakening.

Something in us knows that

  • as a human being we have free will
  • we have been tempted by greed and ego in the past and could be tempted again
  • we have destroyed, hurt and damaged others when we abused power
  • we destroyed, hurt and damaged ourselves in the process
  • we don’t want to go back there

So what’s a healer to do in order to fulfill her soul contract?

  1. know that a little of that memory is good because it keeps us aware, ethical and honorable
  2. having a healing session with someone you trust to remember the details of specific past lives can often free you from deep seated fears
  3. resetting your parameters so that the lessons learned in the past create safe boundaries around your energy work while giving you plenty of space in the center is definitely the way to go!
  4. Stay attuned to the energy that you want to vibrate at the core of your work: that loving vibration that connects you to the Heart of God!

I am a specialist at that kind of work. So if all this resonates with you: email me now and let’s talk about it!

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1 Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker October 22, 2010 at 3:38 pm

Many years ago, I met a young man that really scared me. I could sense something in him that was very powerful. Soon after, I got one of my little insights that told me that he and I and several other people that I know had all been members of a witch’s coven and we had done quite a bit of evil during a past lifetime together. I knew that I got that insight for a reason. I used that knowledge to go to this young man and told him that I felt that he had the ability in this lifetime to do either great good or great evil and the decision was his and his alone as to which one he chose. I was able to overcome my fears and tell him this because of the very strong connection that I felt to him. It was a connection that I didn’t necessarily like but had to acknowledge that it was there. I don’t think that I saw this young man again after that conversation so I don’t know which choice he went with. I hope it was for good but I have no way of knowing. This was one time that I went against my fear and shared knowledge with someone else. I don’t know how my insights work but I have learned to trust them.


2 Sophie October 24, 2010 at 11:51 am

How discerning of you to work all this out on meeting the young man! Most people walk through life totally oblivious of that type of connections even though they are so real and affect us daily. Once we make energy connections real and we learn to see them, our every day lives change. We make different decisions.
And I command you on speaking what you knew to be the truth. Sometimes I don’t know until years later that what I said or did had an impact on others. Sometimes we never find out. Sometimes we have a negative impact and THAT is the catalyst for change in others’ lives. That’s why trusting that a higher power knows better and has a helicopter view of the situation is so comforting.
I hope he made the choice to use his power for good because even though we get there whatever road we choose, the loving way is the easiest way.
Thank you for sharing Patricia!


3 Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker October 24, 2010 at 1:06 pm

The connection to this young man was so strong that I couldn’t ignore it even though it also scared me. He is one of the few people in this lifetime that I have felt that strong of a connection to.


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