Four Ways of Being a Clear Energy Channel

by Sophie on May 4, 2012

I was reminded recently that the energy people send to others may not be clear even when it is intended to be healing energy. That is because the energy, even though it is from Source,  goes through the sender first and if the sender is not a clear channel, then the energy they send will not be clear. Together with the healing energy from Source, the sender may inadvertently pass on their personal energy as well and if their personal energy is of  a lower vibration than the receiver’s in the area that needs healing,  it will not be beneficial to the receiver.

What are the remedies?

1- Be as clear a channel as possible.

What I teach my Energy Healing students is that their number 1 priority and responsibility is to keep themselves balanced and clear in their every day life so they can be clear channels. That’s why the first 3 months of my 12 months class Awaken the Healer Within are about looking after ourselves. An honorable healer keeps themselves balanced and clear before they share their energy with others. Just like a professional athlete eats right and stays in training.

2- Get out of  the way

With practice we learn to completely get out of the way, to disappear as a person when we channel healing for others so that all they receive is the loving energy from Source that is optimum for them, regardless of our personal experience, wants, wishes, desires and limitations.

3- Keep to your specialty

We all have areas of expertise, things we know more about than most people and often the healing we offer in that area will be most effective. As well the easiest and most fun for us to channel.

4- Be honest with yourself

Even though others need healing: are you in a good enough place to send/share it? Are you able to get out of the way if their stuff triggers any of your stuff? Are you really channeling from Source or are you hoping for a human connection where you also benefit and receive without really saying so or asking for it?

I am not recommending that you over think it. This is more of a guide than a rule book and following your intuition is always best.

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