Be the Light

by Sophie on July 21, 2013

Now more than ever, keep your energy clear and clean, stay centered and grounded and BE THE LIGHT.

At every opportunity, choose the Light.

Incarnate the Light, embody the Light, manifest the Light.

Just like in the material world you choose to recycle or not, to yell at someone or not, to use more plastic or not, you have a choice in the spiritual world of everyday life to be the Light or not. And NOW is a GREAT time to be the Light every second of every day. Please. 100% Light.

Don’t tell me it’s unrealistic. Don’t tell me about your shadow or your wound. Contain them for a minute and choose the Light. Then again and again, choose the Light. Turn seconds into minutes and your present choice into eternity. You have free will and I am urging you to choose the Light, at the core of you and in your daily actions.

Thank you.

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